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2-time Canadian Strongman Champion Dain Wallis & Coach Fréyja Spence share their years of competition experience in the Unbreakable Strongman eBook series:

  • Unbreakable Strongman: The World’s Most Comprehensive Strongman Training Guide, How to Get Strong, Stay Injury-free and Win.
  • Mobility for the Unbreakable Strongman
  • Programming for the Unbreakable Strongman

Who can benefit from the Unbreakable Strongman eBook Series?

The Unbreakable Strongman eBook series is perfect for anyone looking getting started in the sport of Strongman, but also for seasoned Strongman athletes who are looking to eliminate their weaknesses and become one of the best in the sport. After the release of the original book in 2019, the Strongman community asked for more detailed information on both mobility and programming, leading to the creation of two additional resources to round out the series.


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Over 140 pages of Strongman Training advice
11 Chapters, from Training Basics & Movement Quality, to Recovery & Nutrition
60 pages dedicated to 20 of the most common Strongman events covering Setup cues, Execution cues, and detailed frame-by-frame photographs of each event
A 16-week Strongman Program for intermediate-advanced lifters
Access to the Unbreakable Strongman online community
A 10% discount code for Vivobarefoot shoes – the best shoes for the sport of Strongman


6 Chapters, from Movement Assessments, Anatomy 101, Upper and Lower Body Mobility techniques, Movement Prep Design, as well as Recovery and Body Care Guidelines.
80 pages dedicated to understanding your physiology; the joint, nervous system, and muscular demands of Strongman; how to identify your key opportunities to unlock range of motion; exercises to address restrictions; and how to put all of the pieces together with a systematic approach.
41 Pages are dedicated to photos and execution cues of assessments and exercise techniques.
Inside you’ll also find guidelines on when to take a break, how to address Pain vs Discomfort, when treatment is needed, and how to recover hard.


Programming Templates for Commercial Gym athletes, Strongman Gym athletes, and those who split time between various training facilities.
Exercise lists and selection guidelines
3-day, 4-day and 5-day weekly training templates
16-week Deadlift Programming
16-week Pressing Programming (along with complementary Pyramid Programming recommendations for optimizing 1-RM lifts)

Who are Dain & Fréyja?

Dain Wallis is a former 5-time Strongman World Championship competitor and 2-time Strongman Canadian Champion. He is now a full-time Coach with over a decade of experience in the sport of Strongman. Fréyja Spence was Dain's Strongman Coach during his competitive years, and has over 15 years of experience in pain management, injury prevention, fitness testing, pre & post-operative care and athletic development through strength training.

Coaching Resume

BA Physical & Health Education, CSCS, Pn1, Pn2
Has coached male & female clients across the world, from Canada & the US, to Europe & Australia
Coaches clients who are just getting started in the sport as well as those competing at the Arnold Amateur World Championships and the Official Strongman Games World Championships
Freyja Spence Bio

Coaching Resume

HBSc Human Kinetics, CPTS, FRC, DNS Ex I
Has coached a wide variety of clients including Olympic athletes, professional Ballet dancers, Strongman competitors, and primarily those seeking health and pain-free movement.
Animal Flow Master Instructor, Founder of Move Daily Health Coaching, and regular presenter on the national and international fitness conferences circuit.