"I have been able to thrive throughout two major health events"

"Before I was introduced to Freyja and Move Daily's health coaching, I overtrained drastically, suffered constant shoulder pain and complete physical exhaustion. Three years later, I train 5-6 times per week in a variety of modalities, including animal flow, cycling, weight training and realizing a lifelong dream of hanging upside down, while having more energy than ever.


Not only has Freyja changed my views on fitness and health with her wealth of knowledge, but with her programming and Dain’s nutrition principles, I have been able to thrive throughout two major health events. During a very high risk pregnancy, she guided me through staying active but safe. Through progressive postpartum training/recovery, I am stronger and more agile now than I was before giving birth. After a prolonged ICU stay and rare auto-immune disorder diagnosis, Freyja was pivotal to my recovery, helping me find the way I need to train to stay active and healthy while minimizing symptoms and preventing further hospital stays.


Thanks to Move Daily, I am highly attuned to my body and know when it needs more protein, more fluid movement or rest, which I no longer feel guilty about. I am able to be fully present in all of my roles: toddler mom, lawyer, hiker and garage gym enthusiast.


 - Eme Housser, Lawyer, Mother & Avid Mover

"I wouldn't have cultivated my love for movement without her"

"Freyja is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I started working with her almost decade ago to rehabilitate after my ACL surgery: Freyja was diligent, professional, and had such extensive knowledge of movement I felt confident that I would recover quickly. What makes Freyja unique is that she pairs deep knowledge and evidence-based training with a personal approach to motivation, both challenging me and helping me grow. She gets to know who you are, how you tick, and provides the right type of program and encouragement to inspire each individual in a way that works for them. I’ve continued to work with Freyja and she’s always provided me with a personalized experience depending on my needs at that time. I used to only run, but since working with Freyja I’ve learned how to build strength, can handle a kettlebell, and know basic animal flow. I never thought I’d be comfortable walking up to a barbell rack, but now I feel empowered, confident and strong because of what she’s taught me. Freyja is a phenomenal teacher and coach and I wouldn’t have cultivated my love for movement without her."

 - Lilly Whitham, Public Servant & Avid Runner

"After 23 years of backpain, she inspired me to lifelong fitness and exercise"

“I was extremely lucky to find Freyja to work with in my fitness journey and ultimately trained with her for over 5 years. Never having been athletic and having experienced back pain for 23 years (with intense bouts lasting 7 months at a time), I was nervous to work with a coach and was very afraid of hurting myself. Freyja’s assessment of what I was capable of doing inspired the confidence to start and it was soon apparent that she knew her stuff. Always professional, knowledgeable and aware of both my goals and capabilities, Freyja lead me to achieve physical fitness and strength that I had not thought possible. She is a precious resource and has inspired me to lifelong fitness and exercise!”

- Tammy Laframboise, Client Relations and Education Specialist for Ontario Pension Board

"I came out uninjured and stronger than ever because of Freyja’s extensive knowledge of movement and coaching"

"With an eye for even the smallest detail, Freyja allows you to set realistic goals and surpass them. She provides exceptional feedback and has a wealth of knowledge to share. She has coached me through strongman competitions placing top two and eventually landing my first 1st place finish in America. In a sport where competitors often misuse their bodies to compensate for weakness, I came out uninjured and stronger than ever because of Freyja’s extensive knowledge of movement and coaching. She is always realistic and continues to guide me in the right direction."

 - Karen Holek, Strongman Competitor

“After major knee surgery, I felt stuck and was unsure whether I would ever run again.”

“I began working with Freyja nine months after major knee surgery. I felt stuck with my rehab and was unsure whether I would ever run again. Two and half years later, I have far surpassed the modest goals I had set for myself. I have been able to return to all of the activities I previously enjoyed, including running 2-3 times a week. What is more, with Freyja's assistance, I have achieved a balance with my training that I didn't previously have and have been able to completely avoid overuse injuries during this time. I have also come to really enjoy weight training, which was not a consistent part of my training regimen previously. Freyja's enthusiasm, optimism and profound knowledge of how the human body works, as well as her intuition as to just how hard to push you, are principally responsible for getting me to where I am now."

- Graeme A. Hamilton, Father, Husband, & LLP

“Freyja and Dain’s synergistic approach ensures I maintain a healthy and active lifestyle”

"I have been an active person my entire life and like many athletic individuals, injuries are common. Preventing injury becomes even more critical, which I’ve learned includes an individualized program focusing on proper nutrition and exercise. This is where Freyja Spence and Dain Wallis come in.

Several years ago, I had yet another hip injury and after six months of physio & inability to return to weights & spin, I was referred to Freyja by my physiotherapist. After just two weeks, my hip was symptom-free and I was hooked for life on this amazing professional. Freyja’s workouts challenge me and have shown me that I can do so much more than I ever thought possible. Shortly after meeting Freyja, I spoke to her about my stomach issues and weight management. She changed my diet to the extent that my stomach ailments all but disappeared and my energy levels improved. Freyja then referred me to Dain to fine tune my nutrition further for better weight management. He modified my diet and added a strategy to further boost my sluggish metabolism.

To this day, I continue to turn to them for advice on injury management, nutrition, and of course strength training. Freyja and Dain’s synergistic approach ensures I maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. They are exceptional professionals who go above and beyond to ensure their clients achieve their lifestyle goals. "

- Katherine Gross, Au.D. Director of Audiology

“Throughout numerous athletic and life changes, they have been the support team I have always been able to fall back on.”

"I first met Freyja as a young figure skater with a broken hip, terrified that I’d have to be off the ice for six months. Working with Freyja was the first time my strength programming required full awareness of my body and when I returned to the ice, in spite of my injury, I was the strongest I had ever been. I worked with her throughout my skating career; through numerous sports injuries/rehabs, cross-country moves, and eventually a shift from competitive figure skating to rowing.


Throughout most of my skating career, I struggled with disordered eating patterns and in working with Dain, I completely changed my relationship with food. Shifting to the demands of rowing, my nutritional needs also changed, and with Dain’s help I was equipped to fuel myself in a way which allowed me to adapt to a new training schedule as well as full time university studies.


Today I’m in the best physical shape of my life and I owe my early successes in rowing to the work I have been able to do with Freyja and Dain. Throughout numerous changes, they have been the support team I have always been able to fall back on."

- Ivana, UofW National Level Rower

"As a trainer I see the value in working with a coach...I feel great and move pain free"

“As a trainer I see the value in working with a coach. A great coach is not there to count reps, tell you where to go, or yell at you when you get tired but should instead watch your movements, provide feedback, and constantly assess changes. Ultimately, they give the best program built for YOU and I have received all of this and more from Move Daily.


I’ve been a client of Move Daily for over 3 years for programming, nutrition, and movement coaching.
At 39 years old, I am stronger than I’ve ever been, look better, and move better. The most important thing is that I FEEL great and I move PAIN free!! I believe anyone would agree this is the best way to live a long and enjoyable life. I highly recommend Freyja & Dain at Move Daily to anyone who wants to move well and be strong with a sustainable system built around their needs."

- Aldo Frixione, Fitsquad Training Toronto

"Dain and Freyja have had a very significant impact on my wellness journey"

“Dain and Freyja have had a very significant impact on my wellness journey while I navigate complex health challenges. Their positive and balanced approach to life’s demands, coupled with an immense knowledge in their respective fields, is something that is rare to find within the fitness and wellness industry. They both share a desire to learn as well as the ability to think outside the box to ensure that clients get the help they need.


Dain’s guidance has helped me better listen to my body and understand it’s requirements in a way that has had a life changing impact on how I manage nutrition.  Freyja brings such a unique mix of skills and knowledge of the body it’s truly amazing to experience how small form adjustments have impacted both the gym and daily life movements.


While both in their own rights bring such a high value to the service they offer, they are both the first to refer you on to other experts and collaborate to ensure you get the best results possible. In my experience, this is an extremely rare thing in the industry and has made all the difference for me over the past few years and I will always be thankful for the referral that connected us!”

- Karen Moore, ...

"Move Daily keeps me on track and moving...and is fun to work with!"

“I am a busy, senior woman who travels a lot. I have had the good fortune to have been a client of Freyja’s for many years. In that time, she has helped me build strength and stay strong through 2 back surgeries, both pre-op and post-op. and most recently for a knee replacement as well. Freyja’s ability to ask the right questions, listen carefully, and then design a doable routine specifically for her clients is reassuring. For me, it’s a routine that I can take and use anywhere as no machines are needed! She keeps me on track and moving…and is also fun to work with!!

- Penny Axler, Traveler

"Training has resulted in resolving backpain suffered since I was a teen"

I have been training with Roshan for several years. I am a 44 year old professional with a demanding high stress job. Roshan has designed a regime tailored to improve my lifestyle (i.e. successful stress reduction!) and to strengthen my body to protect it from the ravages of desk life. This unique individualized approach has resulted in resolving backpain suffered since I was a teen, wonderful flexibility and overall healthy tone to my body. Roshan is also exceptional at accommodating my hectic schedule and keeping my workouts on track. His encouraging positive attitude and up to date knowledge really make Roshan a unique trainer that I would highly recommend to others. Thanks Roshan!

- Nadia Conforti, Real Estate Lawyer

"My overall health is exponentially better for our sessions together"

Rosh has been my trainer for over five years and it’s no exaggeration to say that my physical health – in fact, overall health – is exponentially better for our sessions together. An excellent teacher and a natural motivator, Rosh tailors my workouts to leave me stronger, fitter, and more agile, and it is testament to his professionalism, coaching, and infectious enthusiasm that my hours with him are some of the best of my week.
Rosh is incredibly knowledgeable and I have complete trust that he will devise a results-oriented and enjoyable workout that meets my individual needs at that time. His incorporation of Animal Flow into my workouts stems from his long-held belief that “movement is medicine” and he’s got me understanding the benefits, too. Rosh is a first-rate trainer, and he epitomizes the notion that the best exercise is challenging and fun, punctuated with laughter, and good for mind and body. I so appreciate having him in my corner.

- Gill Rodger

"At 64, Rosh has given me a level of flexiblity, mobility, and core strength that I have not had in decades"

I started working with Roshan a little over a year ago. I am 64 years old and have been a lifelong competitive athlete and have worked with multiple coaches and trainers over the years. In less than a year Roshan has given me a level of flexibility, mobility, and core strength that I have not had in decades. Roshan has helped me achieve this in spite of a lifetime of accumulated sports injuries.

- Mike Patrick, Gold Medal Masters Swimmer

"I know he is genuinely concerned about my well-being"

“I started working with Roshan early on at the beginning of the pandemic and could not have had a better experience. I was introduced to Roshan through my participation in Animal Flow. I started with his group classes with Move Daily and quickly realized that his virtual sessions were challenging, fun, and, when needed, educational.


Roshan is extremely knowledgeable about the body and movement: He takes the time to explain why I'm doing each exercise and the intended benefitting from it. He's so easy to get along with and very patient. I look forward to each session, and he makes the overall experience a great one. I know he is genuinely concerned about my well-being and is on this journey with me to help me achieve my goals. To that end, I was recently became an Animal Flow Regional Leader! I have made significant gains in my fitness journey under Rosh and look forward to what the future brings!"

- Howard Penny

"I never have to worry about where I am in my fitness journey"

I’ve been training with Rosh consistently for 5 years and counting which has been very sustainable and highly enjoyable for me. The result is that I have a good level of fitness (for someone of my age!) and most importantly I feel strong and capable. I’ve also learned a whole new body language with Animal Flow which will serve me well for decades to come.

Rosh approaches our sessions with flexibility and good humour which makes the commitment to him and to the process very easy. Our sessions are a bright spot in my week and the result is that I never have to worry about where I am in my fitness journey; this is always taken care of

- Aparna Sachdeva, VP Business Development

"If you have a fitness goal, they can help you achieve it."

Dain and Freyja offer a level of expertise that enhanced my existing training program and brought much-needed discipline to my nutrition. Their combined approach has allowed me to reach new goals while fuelling my body more efficiently. From eating properly to play a round of golf or building cardio for cross country ski season, their positive approach means they work with me to find the right balance and ensure my program suited my needs and lifestyle. If you have fitness goal, they can help you achieve it.

- Tina Quelch, President of Calador Communications

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