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Move Daily Health Podcast Self-Care Roundup #1: Fill Your Own Cup First

self-care roundup 1What are health practitioners doing every day to take care of themselves? We’ve asked every guest since the debut of our podcast: What is your one non-negotiable self-care tool? Every few months the Move Daily Health Coaches Freyja and Dain will be hosting a 30-minute self-care roundup, where they’ll discuss the self-care tips from their latest guests, along with action items to help listeners build those same habits into their lifestyles.

In this episode the over-arching theme is “Fill Your Own Cup First”, where we discuss everything from journaling and alone time to daily movement and building a better relationship with your gut. Tune in for the whole story.

Key topics:

0:30 – What is a Self-Care Roundup?

0:50 – Self-care tip #1: Journaling

4:20 – Self-care tip #2: Taking time for yourself

6:45 – Self-care tip #3: Get outside

9:50 – Self-care tip #4: Move your body every day

15:20 – Self-care tip #5: Develop a better relationship with your belly

20:50 – Self-care tip #6: Listen to your intuition

25:25 – Self-care tip #7: Fill your own cup first

27:40 – Recap and self-care action items

30:05 – Dain’s non-negotiable self-care tool

31:55 – Freyja’s non-negotiable self-care tool

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