Mobility for the Unbreakable Strongman


2-time Canadian Strongman Champion Dain Wallis and Coach Freyja Spence have teamed up to bring you a comprehensive Mobility guide for the Strongman Athlete.
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Mobility for the Unbreakable Strongman is a comprehensive eBook for anyone in the sport of Strongman/strength athletics who is looking to improve their mobility, function, and recovery in order to optimize performance and reduce risk of injury.

This Book Contains:
  • 6 Chapters, from Movement Assessments, Anatomy 101, Upper and Lower Body Mobility techniques, Movement Prep Design, as well as Recovery and Body Care Guidelines.
  • 80 pages dedicated to understanding your physiology; the joint, nervous system, and muscular demands of Strongman; how to identify your key opportunities to unlock range of motion; exercises to address restrictions; and how to put all of the pieces together with a systematic approach.
  • 41 Pages are dedicated to photos and execution cues of assessments and exercise techniques.
  • Inside you’ll also find guidelines on when to take a break, how to address Pain vs Discomfort, when treatment is needed, and how to recover hard.
About the Authors

Fréyja Spence is a Health Coach with over 15 years of experience in pain management, injury prevention, fitness testing, pre & post-operative care and athletic development through strength training. Having studied Human Kinetics at the University of Guelph, she went on to work in Sports Clinics and education in health and fitness. She is the founder and owner of Move Daily. Her clients range from high performance athletes, to those needing injury-management solutions as well as desk jockeys simply seeking better health and ease of daily living.

Dain Wallis is now a full-time Coach with over a decade of experience in the sport of Strongman. A former athlete (5-time World Championship competitor and 2-time Canadian Champion), Dain understands what it takes to be a top-level competitor, and pulls from this experience to complement his education and coaching acumen. With a BA in Physical & Health Education from Queens, Dain went on to establish Canada’s Nutrition Coach and join ranks with Move Daily. He coaches clients of all levels across the world, from those just starting out to those competing in the Arnold Amateur World Championships and Official Strongman Games World Championships.


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