Unbreakable Strongman – Comprehensive Strongman Training Guide

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2-time Canadian Strongman Champion Dain Wallis shares his years of competition experience in Unbreakable Strongman: The World’s Most Comprehensive Strongman Training Guide, How to Get Strong, Stay Injury-free and Win.

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The Unbreakable Strongman eBook is perfect for anyone looking getting started in the sport of Strongman, but also for seasoned Strongman athletes who are looking to eliminate their weaknesses and become one of the best in the sport.

This Book Contains:

  • 11 Chapters, from Training Basics & Movement Quality, to Recovery & Nutrition
  • 60 pages dedicated to 20 of the most common Strongman events covering Setup cues, Execution cues, and detailed frame-by-frame photographs of each event
  • Common movement and execution errors to be aware of
  • A 16-week Strongman Program for intermediate-advanced lifters
    Access to the Unbreakable Strongman online community
  • Competition day and nutrition guidelines

Dain Wallis is now a full-time Coach with over a decade of experience in the sport of Strongman. A former athlete (5-time World Championship competitor and 2-time Canadian Champion), Dain understands what it takes to be a top-level competitor, and pulls from this experience to complement his education and coaching acumen.

  • BA Physical & Health Education, CSCS, Pn1, Pn2
  • Has coached male & female clients across the world, from Canada & the US, to Europe & Australia
  • Coaches clients who are just getting started in the sport as well as those competing at the Arnold Amateur World Championships and the Official Strongman Games World Championships

3 reviews for Unbreakable Strongman – Comprehensive Strongman Training Guide

  1. Devan Robinson

    I’ve read several Strongman books up to this point and Unbreakable Strongman is without question the best Strongman book on the market. Five stars without a doubt and worth every penny.

    There a few reasons I give it five-stars:

    1. Great for beginners. For beginners this is hands down the best Strongman guide. Detailed event guides, nutrition, contest-day advice, recovery, etc. It is an absolute wealth of information.

    2. Programming: I really enjoyed the programming. Dain clearly put a ton of thought into the programming layout. The program balances event training very well (this was a struggle for me as a beginner). Bonus points to Dain for using RPE scale – this was great coming from powerlifting.

    3. Effort. Dain clearly put a lot of effort into his writing. What sets Unbreakable apart from other books on Strongman is the way he weaves together advice, programming, and recovery into a cohesive philosophy. Dain has a vision for his prototypical Strongman athlete and it is really a cut-above other guides. He is building an athlete, not simply a strongman.

    I can’t recommend this book enough. Looking forward to any future installments.

  2. Laurie

    This is an excellent reference guide on all things strongman. It goes through cues and tips for all the common events, and includes a sample program to follow to peak for a competition. It includes info on mindset and nutrition, and cautionary tales about what not to do, to be successful and not break yourself while training strongman. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to get into strongman or get better at strongman without sacrificing good health.

  3. Tracey Ball

    Absolutely love this book!! I reference it often in my training for all those little tips that make such a huge difference in my training and the amount I can lift!
    Dain provides pictures of himself at each stage of the lifts, lists off the common mistakes, and you can compare what you are doing to what he is doing. Really helps in feeling confident about what you are doing.

    He also provides some really relatable commentary on mindset and competing and not comparing yourself to others, which is so strongman!!

    I highly recommend this book to anyone training in strongman, from beginner to experienced – there is something for everyone.

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