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Nutrition Coaching Consultations are set up to help you improve your health with education and personalized actionable steps.

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Nutrition Consultations are often all people need to get them started in the right direction.
Consultations can be arranged in person in Toronto, online via video conference, or simply over the phone.

If you are in need of some personalized nutrition advice to get you headed in the right direction, this consultation will be geared towards identifying your main areas of opportunity. The follow up will set you up with action steps to help you manage your health.

Nutrition Coaching can cover:

  • Personalized nutritional counsel on how to manage gut health, gut distress, energy, overall health markers, and weight.
  • Personalized nutritional counsel for improving athletic performance and recovery
  • Nutrition support and education to empower you to make decisions that serve you every day.
  • Habit building strategies specific to your lifestyle and health goals.
  • Strategies that fit your dietary limitations or preferences
  • Education on the basics of digestion to understand what non-food factors are affecting your health
  • Check-ins with a coach to ensure the strategies are working for you*

Please note, our nutritional coaching is geared to educating you on tools that will allow you to thrive long term with an understanding for what allows your body to thrive. For this reason, we do not produce strict dietary plans that are unsustainable for your lifestyle or result in rapid weight changes that present longterm risk.

After this initial consultation if you would rather continue with ongoing coaching guidance and support, your initial fee will be rolled into a monthly price of $175 for ongoing nutrition and health coaching. *Monthly coaching includes frequent check-ins with your coach to ensure that the strategies are working for you.

Upon purchase, we will be in touch to set up your call and provide you with a link to a full client intake form.

Additionally, we ask that you specify with your order:
  • 3 days of the week you are available for a call
  • Primary time slots you are available between the hours of 8am and 5pm

Product will show as “out of stock” if we are not able to book you within the next 4 weeks. To be placed on our waiting list, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


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