Personal Health Coaching

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Movement and Nutrition Coaching services are designed to be tailored specifically to your needs, goals, and life.

Our services bridge the gap between clinical Health Care and day-to-day life demands. We serve as an accessible resource to educate and empower each client throughout their journey to improved pain, performance, and health management.


The Assessment, done remotely or in person, encompasses both movement and lifestyle factors to help determine where you are today and what current needs you and your body have. This service is separate from consultations or coaching sessions and is done prior to any ongoing coaching or programming.

We specialize in assessments for: Injuries & Musculoskeletal pain, Hypermobility (hEDS or HSD), Running Mechanics, and Strongman training. This service is available online and in person.

What you will receive:

  • Movement assessment reflective of your daily needs, lifestyle and/or athletic requirements.
  • Feedback with photos and a written analysis on your current movement strategies to help you further understand your body.
  • Summary and recommendations for the roadmap to your success.
  • Daily Homework you can apply immediately to address your top priority. (Please note this service does not include programming).


Movement coaching sessions are one-on-one and 60 minutes in length. Together, we will work on your movement strategies and exercise techniques based on the assessment, your lifestyle, health or injury history, and goals. There are no set packages as some clients require greater support than others and we strive to work with each individual’s needs to provide what is best for them.

What you will receive:

  • Safe and effective movement techniques to mitigate injury and increase performance.
  • Feedback throughout the session and video follow-up.
  • The “Why” behind any exercise chosen for you.
  • Homework you can easily incorporate into your daily routine to improve your outcome.


All programming is designed specifically for you in accordance with your movement assessment and goals. For this reason, we do not publish general programs as yours will be tailored to your needs. Exercise choices are just one element of what makes a good program and, as such, we include various forms of eyes-on coaching to ensure techniques and cues being implemented in the best way for your body.

Note: All programming options are also available for online coaching with remote-based clients. Programming is always done in conjunction with one or more synchronous coaching sessions to ensure techniques are being performed properly.

What you will receive:

  • Programming that covers YOUR needs from daily life strategies to training. The duration is typically one month though can be extended for 6 to 8 weeks based on the individual.
  • Training frequency and recovery guidelines specific to you.
  • Check-ins with a coach to ensure the program is still reflecting your capacity. Life happens & we adjust accordingly.
  • Feedback: our live sessions, done in addition to remote programming, cover feedback as it is crucial to acquiring new skills. Further to that, we provide support between sessions with video or written feedback.


Nutrition Coaching all starts with a Consultation, which can be arranged in Toronto, online via video conference, or simply over the phone. After this first consultation you can continue with ongoing monthly support or follow up at intervals of your choice.

Note: Nutrition Consultations are separate from Movement Coaching as we understand not all clients will request support for both areas.

What you will receive:

  • Individualized counsel to help you decipher nutritional information and how it applies to your specific circumstances and needs.
  • Nutrition support and education to empower you to make decisions that serve you every day whether you are managing gut health, overall health, recovery or energy.
  • Habit building strategies specific to your lifestyle and health goals.
  • Check-ins with a coach to ensure the strategies are working for you.


Movement Assessments are a one-time fee of $145 and initial Nutrition Consultations are $100. We start with assessments or consultations with every new client to understand if we are a good fit for you, what support you are seeking, and assess where your baseline currently is. Based on the initial assessment, all further coaching frequency, programming, or calls are tailored to each individual client’s needs to create the structure for personal success.

Consultations, Calls, and Health Habit Support

Consultations and calls are a great option for those who would simply like to explore more on a given health topic or for those who feel they require more frequent accountability to their current plan. Calls can be booked for 60 or 90mins initially with the choice of 30 or 60min follow ups for existing clients. This service is open to new and current clients alike; please contact us for more details.

I began working with Freyja nine months after major knee surgery. I felt stuck with my rehab and was unsure whether I would ever run again. Two and half years later, I have far surpassed the modest goals I had set for myself. I have been able to return to all of the activities I previously enjoyed, including running 2-3 times a week. What is more, with Freyja’s assistance, I have achieved a balance with my training that I didn’t previously have and have been able to completely avoid overuse injuries during this time. I have also come to really enjoy weight training, which was not a consistent part of my training regimen previously. Freyja’s enthusiasm, optimism and profound knowledge of how the human body works, as well as her intuition as to just how hard to push you, are principally responsible for getting me to where I am now.
Graeme A. Hamilton, Dad