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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 35: Understanding & Overcoming Cravings

In today’s episode, Freyja and Dain sit down to discuss cravings, regarding both food and exercise. Are cravings genetic? What is your body really trying to tell you? From salt cravings and snacking to runner’s high and adrenaline rushes, we touch base on the cravings that- when left unchecked- consistently lead a decline in health….
holistic healing for chronic illness amber walker

Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 34: Holistic Healing for Chronic Illness, w/Amber Walker

Have you ever battled an unexplained chronic illness? Have clinical tests failed to provide answers for erratic digestive concerns? Today we welcome to the podcast Dr. Amber Walker to discuss her book Mast Cells United, and her long journey through holistic healing. From environmental toxins like mould, to explaining why certain foods will digest well…
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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 33: Making Health Habits Stick w/Dr. Mary Jung

If you’ve ever struggled with maintaining diet and exercise habits, this podcast is for you! Today we welcome to the podcast Dr. Mary Jung. Mary is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health and Social Development at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Jung’s passion is researching the self-regulation of health behaviours, primarily the…
move daily health podcast

Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 31: Winter Movement & Nutrition Considerations

In today’s episode- a continuation of the chat we had we Dr. Sue and Dr. Donna last week- we sit down to discuss the main movement and nutrition considerations that crop up within our client population in the winter months. From tight shoulders and hips to carb cravings and caffeine intake, we touch base on…
move daily health podcast

Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 29: 2019 Health Roundup w/Freyja & Dain

In today’s episode, we sit down to recap the year and to discuss our 2019 health takeaways. From movement and nutrition to lifestyle and environment, we touch base on everything from foot care to air filters and how to implement these factors to boost your personal health and wellbeing. We’d like to thank everyone for…
HIIT Exercise

Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 28: HIIT Exercise and Health w/ Professor Martin Gibala

Today we welcome to the show world-renowned exercise researcher and author of The One Minute Workout, Martin Gibala, Ph.D. Professor Gibala has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles and has received multiple awards for teaching excellence. Today we dig into his research on the health benefits of high-intensity interval training: Why it’s a valuable tool for health, who…
Science of Health & Performance Dr. Marc Bubbs

Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 27: The Science of Health & Performance w/ Dr. Marc Bubbs.

Today we welcome to the show Dr. Marc Bubbs, a Naturopathic Doctor, Performance Nutrition Lead for Canada Basketball, and author of the recently released book PEAK: The new science of athletic performance that is revolutionizing sports. Dr. Bubbs has a wealth of experience in the world of health & performance. He routinely speaks to world-leading experts…
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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 25: The Pillars of Health (1-year Anniversary!)

Today we release our 25th episode and celebrate our 1-year anniversary! We’ve had some great guests over the past year but today we thought we’d take a moment to reflect and to discuss the Move Daily approach to Health Coaching: Our Pillars of Health. Although our Instagram page may look like all we do is…