Move Daily Health Podcast s2e03 – How to Change your Stimulus to Change your Life, with Move Daily

How do your inputs dictate your outputs? Inputs include much more than movement or nutrition: Sleep, News, Work, Stress, Postures, Environment, Hydration and more go into making you well or unwell. If you’re unsatisfied with your outputs (life performance), join Dain and Freyja as they discuss how to determine your inputs to impact your outputs….

Move Daily Health Podcast s2e02: How to Listen to Your Body, with Move Daily

Your body doesn’t provide verbal feedback but it speaks clearly if you know how to listen. Listening well can help you determine your movement demands, nutritional needs, how to recover well, and -most importantly- how to see health related red flags well before they become a bigger problem. Join Freyja & Dain as they provide…
Sascha Muller What Drives You Move Daily Health Podcast

Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 45: What Drives You w/Sascha Müller

Today we welcome to the show our good friend, former professional skateboarder and current German Animal Flow Master Instructor, Sascha Müller. Over the next 60 minutes we dive into the following: – What drives Sascha and how can you discover what truly drives you? – The importance of movement, no matter the methodology. – The…