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Move Daily Health Podcast S3E8: Stuart Phillips, PhD, on Long-term Health

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Stuart Phillips, PhD, back to the podcast! He last joined us to discuss protein intake and aging but today’s podcast takes a look at the many other facets of his labs’ ongoing research in long-term health, the menstrual cycle, and more. We take a deeper dive into what it means to focus on Health Span vs longevity, the need for movement in light of increased use of weight loss drugs, and the need to retain strength and power with aging.

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

2:00 Where his lab’s research is growing: Aging, Longevity, and Health Span

4:40 Sarcopenia and the importance of retaining muscle mass and function

10:16 How recovery changes with age

11:50 Catabolic crisis: How disuse leads to dramatic decline in Health Span

12:50 The importance of strength, resistance training, cardiorespiratory fitness, and power for long-term health and the aging body

18:38 Why power matters, no matter your age

20:30 Aging processes: It’s not just one thing

27:14 Aging and long-term health is a nuanced process

29:40 Weight loss drugs and the need to preserve muscle and bone mass

38:47 Research and insights on the menstrual cycle

47:10 Knowledge dissemination

54:30 Wrap up


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