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Move Daily Health Podcast s2e08- How to Navigate Health & Fitness Claims, with Move Daily

Confused by Health & Fitness claims? Are you being misled by buzzwords and sold products you don’t need? You are not alone!

In today’s episode we are joined by Move Daily Health Coach Roshan Chopra to discuss the state of the Health & Fitness industry.

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Show Notes

1:40 – We discuss common buzzwords and what they actually mean (or don’t):

  • Biohacking
  • Biofeedback
  • “Balance your hormones”
  • “Boost your testosterone”
  • Body “Transformation”
  • Superfood
  • Meal plans & macro diets

30:15 – We  discuss Fad diets: Keto, carnivore, blood type diet, somatotype diet, alkaline diet, etc.

32:05 – Freyja  speaks to her experience with the keto diet vs. the research on keto for performance

37:20 – What makes a diet successful? We talk about the key factors for long-term dietary success.

40:15 – Want to improve your diet? Try the 50 food challenge.

42:25 – Beware anyone who is sponsored by a supplements company

44:30 – Why vilifying foods or macronutrients is not a viable health strategy, whether it comes to meat, eggs, carbs, fats, or anything else.

48:00 – We discuss red flags when it comes to movement & exercise:

  • Hard ass/drill sergeant training
  • Personal trainers who make you train just like they do
  • “Yes man” trainers who pump unrealistic goals/expectations
  • Being sold excessively large/long fitness packages

53:00 – Why neck training devices are unnecessary and dangerous (and what to do instead to relieve neck pain)

59:30 – Before buying a piece of equipment for a body part, first answer: What do you know of that body part and how it’s *supposed* to function?

1:01:45 – Red flag, when you hear “Everyone needs to ___________”

  • Barbell back squat
  • Wim Hof breathing
  • Keep shoulders pulled down in every exercise

1:09:00 – The fitness industry is full of noise, so use critical thinking to find the signals you need

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