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Move Daily Health Podcast s2e06 – How To Prevent SMART Goals From Being Stupid

Do you use SMART goals? In today’s episode Freyja & Dain discuss goal setting, and how to avoid the common pitfalls when it comes to making changes to your health.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or hit a new personal best, your Move Daily Health Coaches have you covered.

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Show Notes

1:20 – Why are we discussing SMART goals?

3:30 – What are SMART goals?

6:15 – A quick primer on extrinsic vs. intrinsic, outcome vs. process, and the ever common guilt-shame cycle

9:30 – How do we prevent SMART goals from being stupid? Two filters:

  • Why vs. Why not?
  • How can I be flexible?

12:00 – S = Specific

  • Motivations and personal values

21:20 – M = Measurable

  • Process-based vs. outcome-based

22:20 – Dain reminds you why a scale is misleading and does not contribute positively to health or body recomposition

26:40 – Freyja speaks to body-first measurements, and why this is superior to “data”

33:00 – AR = Attainable & Realistic

  • Mental contrasting
  • The importance of visualizing both success and potential roadblocks

39:00 – T = Timeline

  • Why you sometimes have to say “Screw it!” to the timeline

45:20 – The common denominator for achieving goals? Make conscious daily choices.

47: 40 – Recap & Homework!

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