move daily health podcast how generalizations harm while generalists thrive
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Move Daily Health Podcast s2e05 – How Health Generalizations Harm While Generalists Thrive

The internet is full of unsolicited advice, so today we sit down to discuss some of the most common health generalizations and contrast these to the benefits of operating as a generalist.

From training frequency & intensity to calorie counting and more, Dain & Freyja weigh the pros and cons to help you with your health.

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Show Notes

1:40 – Why are generalizations problematic regarding health advice?

Generalizations covered in this podcast:

4:30 – That you should always workout at maximum intensity

11:25 – Being lean = being healthy

14:15 – The extremes of training frequency: Biohacking the minimum dose or wildly overtraining

18:55 – Calorie counting is an exact science and the only way to manage body weight

29:00 – Running will waste muscle away while lifting weights will make you super bulky

(31:15 – Freyja sees a cardinal)

36:45 – All ~insert nutrient here~ are bad: Fear of carbs, protein, animal-based foods, etc. Where we also touch base on elimination diets.

43:30 – “Always do” and “Never do” statements

53:00 – You are what you do, aka identifying as your hobby or habits

59:30 – Weekly homework!

  • Nutrition: If you’re always chasing weight loss, throw the scale away, and focus instead on what you want your body to feel and do.
  • Movement: Increase your weekly movement variability and try something new

102:40 – Book recommendation: Range by David Epstein

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