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Welcome to Season 2 of the Move Daily Health Podcast! In today’s second episode, Freyja & Dain sit down to discuss:

How to listen to your body’s feedback in order to know…

How to make decisions on movement outputs

How to make decisions around nutrition inputs

Tune-in to the audio or catch the video on YouTube, either way, enjoy the episode and stay tuned for a great Season 2 lineup!

Show Notes

1:00 – Concept of How to listen to your body & why it matters

4:00 – The argument of age & injury, sickness

6:00 – Purpose of pathologies

21:00 – Freyja explains how to gauge if you’re in your body.

22:00 – Your 3 Voices: Ego, Inner Coach, Long-term

27:30 – Mental toughness vs stupidity

33:40 – How emotions impact bodily tension and the need for movement

36:15 – Why it’s hard to listen to your body when it comes to nutrition in our society

37:40 – Dain discusses hunger vs cravings

39:40 – Are you hungry? Ask yourself these questions

42:15 – Dain proves the value of knowing how to drink water

44:00 – Trying to lose weight? This is important

46:00 – What signals your body sends when you’re not eating enough

50:20 – How to remove focus from the scale

55:00 – Movement and Nutrition homework

57:45 – Book Recommendation: Successful Ageing by Daniel Levitin

Recommended Reading & Listening

Research article: Daily Step Count and Postprandial Fat

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