Move Daily Health Podcast s2e02: How to Listen to Your Body, with Move Daily

Your body doesn’t provide verbal feedback but it speaks clearly if you know how to listen.

Listening well can help you determine your movement demands, nutritional needs, how to recover well, and -most importantly- how to see health related red flags well before they become a bigger problem.

Join Freyja & Dain as they provide systems you can use to check-in.

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Show Notes

1:00 – Concept of How to listen to your body & why it matters

4:00 – The argument of age & injury, sickness

6:00 – Purpose of pathologies

21:00 – Freyja explains how to gauge if you’re in your body.

22:00 – Your 3 Voices: Ego, Inner Coach, Long-term

27:30 – Mental toughness vs stupidity

33:40 – How emotions impact bodily tension and the need for movement

36:15 – Why it’s hard to listen to your body when it comes to nutrition in our society

37:40 – Dain discusses hunger vs cravings

39:40 – Are you hungry? Ask yourself these questions

42:15 – Dain proves the value of knowing how to drink water

44:00 – Trying to lose weight? This is important

46:00 – What signals your body sends when you’re not eating enough

50:20 – How to remove focus from the scale

55:00 – Movement and Nutrition homework

57:45 – Book Recommendation: Successful Ageing by Daniel Levitin

Recommended Reading & Listening

Research article: Daily Step Count and Postprandial Fat

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