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Intro Podcast – Let’s Talk About Move Daily (via Championship Lifestyle)

move daily health podcast

What is Move Daily? Why should you be listening to our podcast? What is the meaning of life?!

If you’re looking for the Move Daily Health Podcast Intro, look no further. Earlier this week we appeared as guests on the Championship Lifestyle podcast where we discussed who we are and why we started the Move Daily Health Podcast.

We are joined this week on the #CLP by the dynamic duo behind Move Daily, Dain Wallis (Strongman / Nutritionist) and Freyja Spence (Movement Specialist). It was a great conversation with a pair of people who are genuinely concerned with the state of health and how a proper and holistic approach can allow for a pain-free life and optimal functioning. We discuss their different paths, Dain’s as an internationally competitive Strongman and corporate desk jockey and Freyja’s as a lifelong health coach and EDS sufferer. We get deep in the woods at a few points but it is well worth it and there are some great takeaways for your life. Please Rate, Review, and Share!

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