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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 014: Creating Better Healthcare, with Dr. Bruce Freeman

creating better healthcareDo you know how to identify a healthcare practitioner who truly cares? Do those the members of your healthcare team honour their scope of practice? In today’s episode we talk to Dr. Bruce Freeman, an Orthodontist by trade but modern-day philosopher by scope (our words, not his), to discuss the patient-practitioner experience and how to create better healthcare for all.

Bruce is an international lecturer on the topics of clinical orthodontics, virtual surgical planning, facial pain disorders, and patient experience. From jaw pain and sleep apnea to social media scams and more, today we remind you to explore the real “Why?” behind your choices and to surround yourself with practitioners who do the same.

Show Notes:

0:00 – Who is Bruce Freeman?

6:25 – Stressed? Clenching/grinding at night is a major issue.

9:00 – We discuss finding the right team, and treating patients vs. clients

13:20 – The importance of asking the right questions for any professional (sleep apnea anecdote!)

14:35 – What does success look like for your healthcare professional? Do they know their scope of practice?

16:40 – Bruce’s book recommendation:

– What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear by Danielle Ofri

18:00 – Bruce’s most important pearl of knowledge: When you’re first meeting a new patient/client in a business situation, the first question should always be…

– Bruce outlines how to optimize the patient/client experience.

20:35 – “Don’t focus on everybody else’s downward dog, focus on yours”

22:15 – Bruce discusses rationale, and gives an example on how to engage clients in the process to improve compliance with new health habits

24:05 – Do you know your “Why?”

26:05 – We discuss the merits and pitfalls of social media in today’s world

30:30 – Freyja’s big beef with social media: Stop hurting people!

32:40 – Does your healthcare practitioner know their scope? Have they put in the time to become a true expert? Or are they just posing as an expert on social media?

36:20 – Bruce gives another great example of why health practitioners should ask questions instead of forcing beliefs. Context is everything!

37:15 – Dain’s big beef with social media: Those who scream the loudest get the largest followings, it has nothing to do with skill or expertise

38:15 – The hallmarks to anything related to healthcare & wellness: Access to the care you deserve/expect, respect and communication.

41:10 – Commentary on Instagram injuries from the Instagram Institute

41:55 – The importance of comfort calls and follow-ups with clients/patients

43:00 – Dental hygiene rapid fire questions!

– Worst daily habits that negatively impact to dental

– Some interesting information re: mouth wash- should you use it?

– Is teeth grinding a bigger issue than people think? YES.

– Some important info on sleep apnea!

– Advice on how to get better sleep, which gives you better teeth and overall health.

52:35 – Bruce’s one (or in this case many) non-negotiable self-care tool(s)

55:00 – Bruce’s one piece of advice for your health and wellbeing: Give yourself a break… and sleep and floss 😉

57:00 – Where you can find Bruce

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More about Dr. Bruce Freeman:

Dr. Bruce Freeman is a native of Toronto. He is an honours graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto where he was recognized with numerous awards for his clinical and academic achievements. He then completed the Advanced Education in General Dentistry program at the Eastman Dental Center in Rochester, New York. Dr. Freeman then returned to the University of Toronto where he received his Diploma in Orthodontics and taught in the undergraduate dental clinic. Subsequent to this he completed his Master’s of Science degree in the field of temporomandibular disorders and orofacial pain.

Dr. Freeman is a staff clinician in the Facial Pain Unit within the department of Dentistry at Mount Sinai Hospital where he is responsible for the management of patients with complex facial pain disorders in addition to participating in the education of the hospital dental residents and specialty dental residents from the University of Toronto dental faculty. He also participates in research initiatives within the department which have yielded publications in the European Journal of Neuroscience, Pain, Brain Research and Neuroimage.

Dr. Freeman lectures on the topics of temporomandibular disorders and facial pain at the dental faculty and to various professional organizations. He also lectures extensively to the residents of orthodontic programs in Canada and the United States about orthodontics, in particular, the use of self-ligating orthodontic appliances.

Dr. Freeman is a member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario in addition to the Ontario Association of Orthodontists, Canadian Association of Orthodontists and American Association of Orthodontists.

Dr. Freeman most recently sat on the board of Open Studio, a comprehensive artist-run centre for contemporary printmaking practice, providing multi-faceted services, programs and information to artists and the public alike. As a national organization, Open Studio offers affordable and equal access to printmaking facilities, programs and services for artists from across Canada and abroad. Dr. Freeman currently works with Venture Sinai, which helps fund  investigators conducting research at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

A man of many talents, Bruce is deeply entrenched in the world of health and is also presently enrolled in yoga-teacher training at YogaSpace in Toronto.

Connect with Bruce:

Website: Mount Sinai Dentistry

Instagram: @DrBVF

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