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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 012: Let’s Talk Protein, with Dr. Stuart Phillips

dr stuart phillips protein podcastHow do you know if you’re eating enough protein? What if you’re over 60? Why does protein intake even matter?? In today’s episode we talk to Dr. Stuart Phillips, one of world’s leading researchers on protein and aging.

Dr. Stuart Phillips has over 32,000 career citations and 250 research and review papers with a focus on protein intake, exercise and aging. If health and longevity are of interest to you, pay close attention to what this man has to say!


Key topics:

0:00 – Who is Dr. Stuart Phillips?

2:45 – A primer on protein, why it’s important in the body, and the latest research

5:55 – We dive into aging, muscle loss, and the increased importance of dietary protein

8:15 – How much daily protein do you need to prevent age-related muscle loss?

– One-third to one-half of your dinner plate!!!

10:40 – The differences between animal-based and plant-based protein sources

13:45 – We discuss social media, influencers, and the challenges of communicating GOOD science

– The unfortunate Law of Phillips: “The power of an anecdote is directly proportional to either the income- or in the case of athletics, the athletic success- of the individual giving it.


20:35 – More about protein requirements:

– Daily: 1g of protein per 1lb of lean body mass is the best general target

– Active teens can eat anything and thrive; hormones ensure this

– Elderly: You have to exercise and build muscle before old age to ensure quality of life

24:15 – How Stu’s exercise and diet have changed over the years

– The value of morning workouts

– Eating less junk food as activity level and metabolism decrease

28:25 – We discuss the merits of HIIT cardiovascular training

– Martin Gibala, The One Minute Workout

29:30 – The number one piece of advice for beating chronic disease: Do something active. Anything. Always think about the smallest possible dosage. 60 seconds is better than nothing.

33:00 – We discuss the common excuses of “I don’t have time.” (It’s crap)

33:55 – “It’s never too late to change.”- a 92-year old client. Aging is an excuse, not a reason.

35:15 – The huge impact of eating at home rather than eating out

39:15 – Protein Rapid-fire Round:

– Are protein powders an acceptable substitute for whole food sources?

– Whey protein vs. rice protein?

– Do I need a protein shake immediately after my workout? Is food post-workout ok?

– Does protein timing matter?

– What about supplemental leucine? Supplemental BCAAs?

43:25 – We chat about the genetics required for both strength and hypertrophy

46:05 – Stu’s book recommendation:

– Grit, by Angela Duckworth

47:55 – Dr. Stu’s daily non-negotiable self-care tool: Getting in his daily workout.

49:20 – Stu’s health advice:

– For exercise: Do just a little bit more that you’ve been doing.

– For diet: Eat real food; shop around the walls of the grocery store (not the aisles)

50:35 – Where you can find Stu and his research

More about Dr. Stuart Phillips:

Stu is a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair of Skeletal Muscle Health in Aging, a Professor in Kinesiology, and a member of Graduate Faculty in the School of Medicine at McMaster University. He is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (FCAHS), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American College of Nutrition (ACN). His research is focused on the impact of nutrition and exercise on the mechanisms of human skeletal muscle protein turnover. He is also keenly interested in diet- and exercise-induced changes in body composition particularly in aging populations.

His research is funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, the National Science and Engineering Council of Canada, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the US NIH, as well as the USDA.

Dr. Phillips was the inaugural recipient of the Enzo Cafarelli Mentor Award in 2017. He is a past recipient of a New Investigator Award from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and the Ontario Premier’s Research Excellence Award and in 2003 received the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Young Investigator Award. He currently has more than 32,000 career citations and 250 research and review papers.

Connect with Dr. Stuart Phillips:

On Twitter: @MacKinProf

On Instagram: @MacKinProf

On Facebook: Stuart Phillips & SMPPh.D

On Google Scholar: Dr. Stuart Phillips

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