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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 008: Let’s Talk Group Fitness, with Clifton Harski

group fitnessAre you getting the most out of your group fitness classes? In today’s episode, your Move Daily Health Coaches welcome the co-Owner of Fitwall, Clifton Harski, to keep it real about Group Fitness, Pop-Fitness, every other question we throw his way.

Clif got into the fitness industry because loved basketball and wanted to dunk on guys. Now he’s the co-Owner of a popular group workout program that incorporates high intensity interval training with an innovative wall equipment system, helping thousands of clients with their health and fitness every month. Clif keeps things light and is a true leader in the fitness community- tune in to hear what he has to say!

Key topics:

0:00 – Who is Clif Harski?

3:30 – A few thoughts on the effects of social media on fitness

5:10 – What is FitWall?

7:50 – We discuss our experience with the FitWall class and the benefits over standard large group training

9:15 – Clif talks about the large-scale impact of group training

11:30 – The two reasons people stop exercising

12:10 – Because results are slow, we discuss the value of fun and community

13:40 – We discuss the human need for acknowledgement

15:15 – How Clif tackles the challenge of making fun and safe programming for group classes

– Note to trainers and instructors out there: If you don’t have a system, you’re doing it wrong.

18:25 – The value of hanging and grip strength

19:15 – Clif discusses the ratio and systems they use at FitWall to keep people healthy (great advice for anyone who lifts!)

20:30 – We discuss how you don’t have to lift heavy to get results

22:40 – The standard false belief of pop-fitness clientele: Sweat a ton and blast calories!

24:35 – Why high heart rate and sweating is false assurance of a good workout

25:25 – The myth that won’t die: “If I lift weights, I’ll get too bulky.”

28:25 – Dain’s takeaway for the listeners: In order to bulk up, you need caloric excess (*not deficit*)

29:55 – Being sedentary is more dangerous than not using your body, no matter what injuries you’ve had

31:25 – Clif’s advice on how to find a great group training class, no matter where you live

33:05 – Why Clif agrees that some people should Zumba their asses off

38:00 – 80 seconds of Dain and Clif talking It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

39:20 – Freyja saves the podcast by giving a great piece of advice

39:35 – Clif quotes fake research

40:00 – We have a long discussion about injuries about how they shape everyone’s path

45:50 – Clif’s book recommendation:

– Pre-Suasion – Robert Cialdini?

46:25 – Clif’s non-negotiable daily self-care tool: Sleep (but when you have kids, coffee)

47:40 – Clif’s one piece of advice for your health

49:00 – Where you can find Clif

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More about Clifton Harski:

Clifton Harski has a long history as a student of human movement. A lifelong athlete and collegiate basketball player, Clifton holds a degree in kinesiology from SDSU and has been in the fitness industry for more than twelve years. He currently a co-Owner and the Director of Programming for Fitwall, a popular new workout program that incorporates high intensity interval training with innovative wall equipment system.

In just the last 3 years he has taught more than 1,500 people throughout the US, conducting over 100 workshops covering different fitness systems for multiple companies. In addition to his work with Animal Flow and Fitwall, Clif currently works with KB Athletics to certify coaches in the proper instruction of kettlebell training. Prior to his position at Fitwall he ran his own company BA Training, which taught kettlebell and bodyweight training workshops throughout the United States and also ran Bootycamp in San Diego, CA. He spent 1.5 years at MovNat as a master trainer, and coached over 1,400 people in over 80 workshops for MovNat. Clif now also teaches the Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification with Dr. John Rusin.

Clifton believes that the most important and least talked about piece of fitness is movement. While strength, power, flexibility, and endurance are all important pieces, it is movement that ties them all together. He frequently says, “If we can move better, we will move more, and if we move more, we will see better results.”

Connect with Clif:


Instagram: @cliftonharski

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