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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 005: Let’s Talk FLO-OSOPHY, with Chris Flo

Chris FloAre your beliefs holding you back from your full potential? In today’s episode, your Move Daily Health Coaches welcome Chris Flo (Flores), Mindset Coach and Founder of the FLO-OSOPHY Program.

Chris’ journey has shown him that mindset is the most important aspect of success in life. Sometimes all you need is to view things through a different lens. Sometimes a piece of tape is all you need to overcome a debilitating knee restriction. Sometimes your unwarranted beliefs are the only things holding you back from happiness and success.

Key topics:

0:25 – Who is Chris Flo?

1:30 – What is FLO-OSOPHY?

3:30 – How Chris got started, from Chalk Talks to Mindset Coaching

5:55 – Chris talks about the keys to speaking to, and getting buy-in from, teenagers

9:15 – On the importance of developing an identity outside of sport

10:45 – What is your filter for success? Is it holding you back from happiness?

11:40 – We go on for a little too long about how much we love minivans

13:20 – How Chris weaves mindset training into his personal training sessions with clients

16:25 – Chris discusses the Rooted Rehab Certification for Athletic Trainers

– How to identify the root cause of injury/discomfort and program effectively for the issue

21:00 – We discuss how pain and injury is often driven by past trauma and beliefs of how the body has or has not healed

– Chris recommends two books:

            – When The Body Says No, by Gabor Mate

            – Your Body Keeps The Score, by Bessel van der Kolk

22:45 – We discuss how many physical limitations are based on beliefs, not facts.

27:00 – Chris recommends another book:

– The Biology of Belief, by Bruce H. Lipton

– We are nothing but energy; where science merges with mindset.

28:15 – Freyja uses Dain’s motorboat swimming style as an example that even old dogs can learn new tricks

29:45 – We discuss the impact of daily practice and small incremental improvements: Anything is possible at any age.

31:40 – We discuss the value of Men’s Groups and breaking the stigma of masculinity

37:30 – What drives Chris: Being strong for others, and fighting the BS on social media today

40:15 – Goals are great, but are you enjoying the process?

– Don’t live in a world of sad salads! #sadsalads

42:20 – Are you focused on what you can? Or what you can’t? Mindset is a choice.

43:00 – Chris’ peak moment: A piece of tape, changing a life. Making the brain feel safe.

46:25 – To our audience: What are your beliefs? Do you believe something that is holding you back?

46:55 – Chris’ final book recommendation:

– Drive, by Daniel H. Pink

47:10 – Chris is working on his own book, to be released: 18 Principles of Life

48:05 – Chris’ non-negotiable self-care habit: Brain dump at the end of the day.

49:15 – Chris’ one piece of advice for wellbeing: Trust yourself, listen to your intuition.

50:15 – The opportunities of the education system: Kids need to understand that failure is an opportunity to grow, not a death-sentence.

51:30 – Where you can find Chris Flo!

More about Chris Flo (Flores):

Chris has been a personal trainer for 20 years and an athletic trainer for over a decade. Through his years in the industry it became clear that ultimate physical potential is unreachable without the appropriate change in mindset. As such, Chris founded his FLO-OSOPHY program, where he speaks to Athletic Programs, Coaches and does one-on-one training with people from around the world.

Chris’s fitness career began when he was just 15 years old, training his friends in his parents’ basement. He quickly developed a passion for training, drawing inspiration from seeing the positive changes training could have on people’s lives. After attaining his W.I.T.S. certification in 2001, he began his first fitness job working at Work Out World. From there he went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Kean University.

Chris spent some time working at Bally’s Fitness, but found that the “big gym” environment wasn’t where he really wanted to be. His real passion was in helping athletes reach their peak performance, and he was able to pursue that through two avenues. First, he expanded his work with young athletes, becoming the Head Athletic Trainer at Westfield High School, a position he still maintains today. And second, in 2009 he opened Flo Fitness, where he focuses helping high school athletes reach their goals.

Chris loves mentoring other young trainers and is always seeking out ways to share everything he’s learned during his 20 years in the fitness industry. He is a founding member of Next Generation Fit Pros, an education group that puts together seminars and networking events for trainers to continue their education and build their networks. He is also an adjunct professor at Kean University, where he teaches First Aid/ Injury Prevention and Personal Fitness. He is also a Clinical Instructor for Kean University, Montclair State University and Seton Hall University for their Athletic Training Programs.

“I believe we never truly conquer anything. The concept of conquer is the same as the concept of mastery. You never truly reach it. The joy is in the pursuit. You can however conquer certain goals in life and once you have done that I feel it’s your duty to help others conquer their goals.”

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Instagram: @flo_fitness

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