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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 004: Let’s Talk to Docs, with Dr. Donna & Dr. Sue

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The doctors are in! In today’s episode, we discuss the latest in health management & self care with two Toronto-based GPs. Collectively they have been in practice for nearly 60 years working with a wide population of patients of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

We discuss changes in primary health care, the most common “pathology” seen today, the recurring impact of social media and screen time across all ages, caffeine and supplement recommendations, and the daily actions you can take to stave off chronic disease and sickness. 

Key topics:

1:30 – What health issues are more prevalent now than in the past?

4:05 – We discuss phones and their impact on children and development

5:10 – Dr. Sue touches on how social media is affecting parenting strategies

8:20 – Doctor recommendations for stress management

10:15 – How much sleep do we need?

11:35 – Sleep hygiene considerations

13:40 – Dr. Sue: What can you take OFF your plate?

– Saying no isn’t selfish; self-care has to take priority

16:45 – We discuss mood disorders and how to fight this in the winter months

18:05 – Vitamin D supplementation recommendation

19:25 – Exercise and movement recommendations

23:20 – The importance of (brisk) walking for low back pain/health

24:00 – Dr. Sue speaks to the importance of exercise for dementia/Alzheimer’s

27:35 – We discuss alcohol, and strategies to help you drink less in support of your goals

31:50 – Dr. Donna’s hangover prevention plan vs. Dain’s hangover prevention plan

34:05 – Doctors have a “complicated” relationship with Google

39:25 – The importance of having social support and a trustworthy healthcare team

41:50 – Do you need supplements? If so, which ones?

43:50 – How much caffeine is too much?

47:45 – Dr. Sue’s peak moment: Pills aren’t always the answer

49:10 – Dr. Donna’s peak moment: Try having 2 kids while going through med school

51:55 – Dr. Donna’s book recommendation

– The Story of the Human Body by Daniel E. Lieberman

53:45 – Dr. Sue’s book recommendation

– The Dorito Effect by Mark Schatzker

55:25 – How food labels are full of lies (it’s marketing people!)

56:35 – The Doctors’ self-care tip: Fill your jug first

57:45 – The one piece of health advice from the doctors: Move daily (we didn’t tell them to say this we swear)

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More about the Docs:

Dr. Donna and Dr. Sue are both family physicians who have been practicing in Toronto for 28 and 25 years respectively. Both GPs have a strong focus on preventative care, encouraging their patients to make lifestyle changes before falling victim to rising rates of chronic disease. Both juggle motherhood and medicine (from general practice to injury and palliative care) and, as such, know the challenges their patients face trying to be healthy within the fast pace of this modern day.

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