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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 003: Let’s Talk About The Championship Lifestyle

championship lifestyleWhat does it mean to live a Championship Lifestyle? On today’s episode, your Move Daily Health Coaches welcome Sylvie Tetrault and Adrian Vilaca, co-founders of the Championship Lifestyle.

Sylvie and Adrian founded the Championship Lifestyle to help people conquer their training, mindset and nutrition goals. With a wealth of experience working with both elite athletes and every day clients like you and me, this health and fitness power couple share how you too can live a Championship Lifestyle.

Key topics:

1:15 – What is Championship Lifestyle?

5:00 – What does it mean to lead a Championship Lifestyle?     

 – Consistency and resiliency

 – EAF: Effort, Attitude & Focus – 3 things you can always control

7:30 – Adrian’s background – From police academy to strength & conditioning

9:50 – We mock our small-town upbringings

10:50 – Sylvie’s background aka “The Fitness version of Fievel Goes West”– From figure skating to Extreme Fitness to shadowing Gary Roberts and finally the world of nutrition

14:00 – Our Gary Roberts connection

16:30 – Sylvie’s peak moment: A major back injury

19:15 – Adrian’s peak moment: From Graves disease to getting back into the cage to… an immediate mid-fight broken hand

21:30 – A great example of Effort, Attitude & Focus

23:20 – Why elite athletics are not about long-term health

25:40 – The importance of recovery

 – “Train hard, recover harder” – When you’re not in the gym, you’re always recovering

28:45 – On striking a work-life balance when you’re in business with your better half

 – Setting boundaries and honest expectations

 – Tip: Schedule work time and relationship time

37:00 – What is the one big thing we need in the Health & Fitness industry?

37:05 – Sylvie: “Collaboration”

38:15 – Adrian: “Everyone is garbage.”

 – But in seriousness, having a filter to call-out all the BS social media accounts

39:10 – Our Love-Hate for the industry and the need for a “Fitness Bumble”

 – There are good and bad practitioners in every industry

 – Be objective about who you trust with your health

43:15 – Sylvie’s book recommendation

 – The Power of Full Engagement, by Tony Schwartz and Jim Loehr

43:45 – We discuss “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson

 – Not the most influential book in the world, but great for people who don’t live in the “Health & Fitness bubble”

45:20 – A touchy note on Tim Ferriss: a data guy, not a health guru.

46:30 – Adrian’s one piece of health advice: “What you do doesn’t matter that much; doing it matters.” Aka, having faith in a system is more important than anything else. Act!

48:00 – Sylvie’s one piece of health advice: “Find joy in chasing health. It you are miserable, your efforts aren’t worth it.”

49:00 – Why it’s important to avoid extremes. Don’t live in a world of sad salads.

50:30 – Sylvie’s top self-care tip for introverts: Spend time alone.

51:30 – We discuss JOMO: The Joy Of Missing Out

52:00 –  Adrian’s top self-care tip: Spend time outside.

52:55 – Deets about where you can find the Championship Lifestyle (also where I say “Lifestyle Championship”, like a dope. #fail)

More about Championship Lifestyle:
Sylvie Tetrault

Born and raised on the East Coast, Sylvie moved to Toronto after graduating from the University of New Brunswick to pursue a career in strength and conditioning. After spending three years in a corporate gym working with a wide range of clients (weight loss to busy executives) she was starving for a new and more meaningful challenge. Sylvie was fortunate enough to begin working alongside ex-NHL player Gary Roberts in a high-performance setting, training both everyday clients and professional athletes (hockey, football, soccer and mixed martial arts) who were serious about their health and wellness.

Sylvie became extremely passionate about nutrition and noted how often poor dietary choices held her clients back from reaching their full potential. Determined to make a difference she enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N). Sylvie realizes that there are many aspects of wellness and that each person must walk a different path.

Adrian Vilaca

Adrian is the co-founder of Championship Lifestyle and brings a unique perspective to the company. He studied Human Kinetics at Lake Superior State University before moving to Toronto to pursue greater challenges. Adrian has spent the past 4 years working at the Gary Roberts High-Performance Training Center as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. This has provided him with an amazing opportunity to work with a range of clients from executives to high-level professional athletes. In addition to being a leading strength coach, Adrian is himself an athlete, competing as a professional mixed martial artist at an elite level. Adrian attributes his successes to committing completely to the Championship Lifestyle and wants to share the lessons he continues to learn along with his journey with you.

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Facebook: Championship Lifestyle

Instagram: @ChampionshipLifestyle

Twitter: @Champ-Lifestyle

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