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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 002: Let’s Talk About Mindset, with Alex Butt

health podcastWhen it comes to health, mindset dictates your actions and in turn, outcomes. In today’s episode, your Move Daily Health Coaches welcome Alex Butt, co-founder of Stoic Conditioning and owner of Shift Mobility and Performance.

Alex has setup training and rehabilitation facilities on three continents for both civilian and tactical populations, and pulls from this experience to talk everything from back injuries to Crossfit (not related though!) and both the mental and physical aspect of training for people from all walks of life.

Key topics:

0:43 – Who is Alex Butt?

2:30 – What got Alex into the health and fitness industry?

5:50 – From a catastrophic back injury to… Strongman?

7:30 – Great advice for anyone with back pain

9:10 – The importance of community in injury management

10:45 – The Biopsychosocial model of rehab: Not just here to “fix you”

11:40 – How people get old without knowing they’re getting old

12:15 – Coaching conscious movement in “non-athletic” populations

13:48 – Alex shamelessly quotes himself: “Don’t be surprised if…”

15:05 – Alex’s “Ah-ha” moment (or “Peak moment”) as a Coach

20:00 – How your beliefs shape your outcomes

22:53 – We discuss the mental aspect of training and rehab

24:00 – Kaizen Principle of why small incremental changes are the key to sustainable results

25:38 – The importance of identity in making, and sustaining, change

26:50 – A bit more on Alex’s professional history and exploits

27:35 – On setting expectations right in an Instagram-driven world

30:20 – One wonderful thing about Crossfit

31:20 – Alex discusses his current training and how to improve Crossfit

34:20 – Where do more injuries come from: Crossfit or yoga?

35:00 – Why and how to find- and scale- the right physical activity for you

37:00 – What is stoicism in the modern age?

39:27 – Alex’s book recommendation (he gives two!)

 – Mindset by Carol Dweck

 – The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters

42:05 – One piece of health advice from Alex: Start journaling

46:15 – How to start journaling: Start small.

46:45 – Freyja calls BS on science (and Alex and I high-five each other, sorry for the loud noise)

47:15 – Alex’s contact deets

More about Alex Butt:

Alex Butt is an entrepreneur, strength and conditioning coach and rehabilitation therapist. He has set up training/rehab facilities on three continents and runs an online training company specifically aimed at training tactical athletes for high performance selection processes.

Alex’s passion to learn and travel has bought him into contact with and allowed him to converse with many top coaches, trainers and authors from all over the globe. He constantly seeks to condense that gathered knowledge into practical and usable information for the rest of the world.

Alex is currently based in downtown Toronto and when he’s not working with clients or training/experimenting with training himself, you can find him hunting down the best coffee shops in the city.

Check out for Alex’s services in Toronto and one on one online coaching or for his tactical athlete based online training.

Connect with Alex:

Facebook: Stoic Conditioning

Facebook: Shift Mobility & Performance

Instagram: @alex_butt_

Instagram: @stoicconditioning

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