Developing Mastery with Evgenia Kabanova Move Daily Health Podcast

Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 48: Developing Mastery w/ Evgenia Kabanova

Developing Mastery with Evgenia Kabanova Move Daily Health PodcastToday we welcome to the show Animal Flow Master Instructor Evgenia Kabanova.

Over the next 60 minutes we dive into the following:

– Transitioning from Professional Athlete to Master Instructor and Coach

– Leading the development of a movement system in a new country

– Overcoming adversity in pursuit of mastery

– Eve’s research on quadrupedal movement & implications for health and performance

Evgenia has a unique skill set and in today’s podcast we pull from her wealth of experience to give the audience important takeaways for health. You’re not going to want this next 60 minutes of conversation- enjoy!

Show Notes:

0:00 – Who is Evgenia Kabanova?

3:00 – Eve gives us a bit of background into her extensive movement background, from professional acrobatics to dance and more.

9:20 – How Eve was able to use her experience as a professional athlete in becoming an Animal Flow Master Instructor

13:00 – Animal Flow has exploded in popularity in Russia since Eve took the reins as MI; how was she able to create such success?

16:00 – What are the characteristics of a great leader and Master Instructor?

20:00 – Eve discusses how the adversity of being an athlete (failure, injuries, etc.) has contributed to her ability as a coach and MI

25:00 – We dive into Eve’s research on quadrupedal movement, and why this is such an important field of interest for human health

38:00 – Animal Flow is beneficial to all populations, and Eve speaks to how it helped resolve her pain and gave her even more control over her movement in space (she was an acrobat!)

43:30 – There are many ways to do things, but not many ways to do things *with longevity*; we speak to how the Animal Flow system bridges this gap.

47:30 – Eve discusses how her research has impacted her leadership roles and coaching expertise

53:45 – Eve’s book recommendation:

  • The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk

56:00 – Wrap-up and good-bye

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More About Evgenia Kabanova

Evgenia (Eve) is inspired by an appreciation for beautiful movement and an intellectual curiosity around exercise and sport science, making her an outstanding teacher in the field. As a top-ranked athlete in sports acrobatics, a dance teacher, an international communications manager, and exercise science expert, she brings an incredible blend of talent and experience to her role with Animal Flow. 

For Evgenia, sport and fitness is not just a job; it has always been her way of life. She has been involved in sports and fitness her entire life, beginning competitive sports in childhood, and gaining 15 years of professional experience in sports acrobatics, dance, and the fitness industry. She has won acrobatics international tournaments in the Czech Republic, Israel, Poland, and other countries. After finishing her sports career she started dancing, established her own dance studio in Tyumen (Russia), and went on to become the leader of one of the biggest dance schools in Russia, organizing national and international dance events.

Evgenia has attained impressive credentials, including the athlete’s degree Master of Sport of International Class in acrobatics, and is pursuing her second higher education degree as a Master of Physical Culture and Sport. As part of this process, Eve is compiling original research utilizing the Animal Flow program, making her one of an elite number of scholars who have generated research on the emerging field of quadrupedal movement.

Eve brought her incredible blend of talent and experience to her role as an Animal Flow Master Instructor in 2019. She was the first Certified Animal Flow Instructor in Russia, and her dedication to sharing the program’s philosophy and scientific foundation, along with her amazing technique, caught the immediate attention of Animal Flow headquarters. She was invited to become a Master Instructor, and then took on the role of establishing the Animal Flow Russia program. Soon after, she also became the leader of the Animal Flow Regional Leader Executive Committee, charged with overseeing the training and development of Animal Flow’s international ambassadors, which includes more than 135 fitness professional from 40 countries. Some of her qualifications and certifications include but are not limited to:

  • Master of Physical Culture, Tyumen State University (Russia)
  • Athlete, sport acrobatics
  • Member of Russian National Acrobatics Team (1999-2001)
  • Acrobatics World Champion, Poland, 2001 (Women’s pair category)
  • Athlete’s qualification: Master of Sport of International Class (Russian degree)
  • Top 10 best athletes in non-Olympic sports (Tyumen region, 2001)
  • Member of Team Finalist Hip-Hop International Russia (Moscow, 2015)
Connect with Eve

Instagram: Evgenia_Kabanova

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