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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 47: Human Movement w/ Gary Ward

Gary Ward Human Movement Move Daily Health PodcastToday we welcome to the show human movement expert and author of “What The Foot?”, Gary Ward.

Over the next 60 minutes we dive into the following:

– What is quality human movement?

– How gait and foot mechanics determine health and pain upstream in the body.

– Are movement compensations truly a bad thing?

– What misleading “pain beliefs” are holding you back from living pain-free?

If you’ve ever dealt with lingering pain or lost range of motion in your body, you’re not going to want this next 60 minutes of conversation. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

0:00 – Who is Gary Ward?

1:30 – Gary explains his affinity for feet and why they’re the key to human movement.

8:15 – We discuss Gary’s Rule #2: Joints act, muscles react, aka, why joints are not dumb.

12:00 – Gary then explains Rule #1: Muscles lengthen before the contract.

19:15 – What is “Nobody-ever-moved-me-itis” and why is it important to regain lost movement ranges to relieve pain in the body?

25:50 – We discuss some of the most common (and untrue) “pain beliefs” that hold people back from moving well & living pain-free.

28:50 – Why pronation of the foot is necessary.

31:45 – Gary explains why assessing gait can’t be “scientifically-backed”.

34:45 – What IS quality movement?

37:40 – Gary gives us a super interesting personal anecdote to highlight just how connected the human body really is.

40:50 – We discuss Freyja’s spinal injury and Gary describes just how intensely an SCM issue can impact everything down to the foot, and how (with the right approach) you can alternatively trace a foot problem all the way up to the head.

45:00 – Why “compensations” and “dysfunctions” can actually be good things.

48:20 – More about Anatomy in Motion and Finding Centre, and why no therapist will ever be able to “fix you”.

52:50 – Gary’s book recommendation:

– How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy! By Paul Chek

54:20 – Gary’s daily self-care habit: Daily check-in.

58:00 – One piece of health advice from Gary? Build awareness.

1:00:30 – Where you can find Gary Ward

Recommended Reading & Listening:

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More About Gary Ward

Gary Ward is a highly sought-after practitioner, author of “What The Foot?” and creator of the Flow Motion Model, which maps out what happens to the human body during the gait cycle.

He is the founder of Anatomy in Motion, where his approach to working with the human body focuses on reclaiming lost movement and function and Gary is known for solving “unsolvable” pain in just minutes. 

His Finding Centre courses for fitness and therapy professionals alike are immersive experiences into the evolution of human anatomy, physiology and motion.

Gary’s approach starts with the foot but results in whole body integrated movement solutions to resolve pain faster than other conventional methods.

Connect with Gary

Instagram: GaryWard_AIM

Facebook: Anatomy in Motion


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