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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 43: Nutritional Medicine w/Eoin Lacey

Eoin Lacey Nutritional Medicine Move Daily Health PodcastToday we welcome to the show educator and Functional Medicine Consultant Eoin Lacey.

In this podcast we discuss topics such as:

– The 5 ways to make a deposit in your health bank account.

– Is a calorie just a calorie?

– Sleep as the foundation of health.

– The importance of feeling hungry.

Eoin has almost 25 years of experience in the industry and is a renowned health and performance educator, so this is 60 minutes you’re not going to want to miss!

Show Notes:

0:00 – Who is Eoin Lacey?

6:00 – The five reasons for why people exercise.

7:40 – Eoin outlines the benefits of the online health platform, especially in this day and age.

12:00 – Why a calorie isn’t a calorie.

16:00 – “Stress eats your bum.”  It’s not about being able to manage more stress, it’s about becoming more resilient to stress.

18:30 – Eoin explains why the human body is like charging a cell phone. You must recharge it at night.

19:45 – The 5 ways to make a deposit in your health bank account.

23:15 – The importance sleep (~knowledge-bomb alert~)

28:15 – The fundamentals for detoxification in the body. Listen up!

31:15 – Why it is moronic to do a ‘juice cleanse’ without also keeping dietary protein intake high.

34:30 – Philthy. McNasty’s.

35:20 – Why you need to get your blood tested if you’re going to follow a plant-based diet.

40:40 – We chat about Time-Restricted Eating, Intermittent Fasting, and the importance of feeling hungry.

52:30 – Advice for shift workers.

55:40 – Eoin’s book recommendation:

– Full Focus Planner, by Michael Hyatt (And we chat about the benefits of using a journal)

1:01:15 – Eoin’s non-negotiable daily self-care habits.

1:02:20 – Eoin’s one piece of health advice: Own your choices.

1:07:35 – Where you can find Eoin

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More About Eoin Lacey

Eoin started his career in the health industry in 1996, in Fitness and Leisure Management and went on to be part of the management team of Irelands largest health clubs with over 11,000 members. Understanding that everyone responds differently to exercise. Eoin began his studies in Physical Therapy, Corrective Exercise and Advanced Strength and Conditioning.

Realizing that in order to deliver a professional personalized approach to health and well being , more individual time is needed with each person. This brought Eoin into the Personal Training realm and together with John Connor and Stephen Ward forged the beginning of what is now the largest chain of Personal Training and Nutrition Centres in Ireland , the Irish Strength Institute.

As Eoin looked after more and more clients and athletes it became fundamental for success to devote more and more time to continuous education. This directed Eoin’s education to Functional Medicine, Sports Nutrition, Nutritional Medicine, Active Release Techniques, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Biomedical Medical Acupuncture to name a few. With Eoin love of continuous education and presenting, Eoin now travels the world giving workshops, presentations and seminars on a wide range of health, fitness and nutrition topics.

To date Eoin splits his time between his Clinic in Malahide, managing the ISI Centre of Excellence and teaching for his US Educational Company ICANS.

Connect with Eoin

Instagram: @ISIHealth

Eoin Lacey Performance Consultancy

Irish Strength Institute

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