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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 40: Gut Health & Poop Talk w/Jackie Mirkopoulos

gut health poop talk move daily jackie mirkopoulosWe all poop. But what is your poop telling you? Today we welcome back to the show our first two-time guest, digestive health expert Jackie Mirkopoulos.

In this podcast we discuss topics such as:

– How to overcome to stigma of discussing poop

– Strategies for both bloating and constipation

– What a healthy stool actually looks like

– Why “superfood” is a junk marketing term that means nothing

If you want to get more out of your daily bowel movement, tune in now and satisfy your #fecalfascination.

Show Notes:

0:00 – Who is Jackie Mirkopoulos and why are we talking about poop?

3:45 – How does Jackie help people overcome the embarrassing stigma of discussing poop and gut health?

7:00 – We discuss the connection between travel and constipation.

11:15 – Strategies for preventing and overcoming constipation.

15:00 – How dietary fibre can actually exacerbate constipation symptoms for people with IBS.

16:00 – A shout-out to the Squatty-Potty! We also talk about the importance of having knees above hips for optimal pooping.

18:20 – More on hips: Why going for a walk can help you poop. Move the body, move the bowels.

21:15 – Can’t figure out why you’re bloated? We discuss the wide range of causes, and how to triage the problem.

29:15 – What does your poop look like? Jackie tells us what a healthy stool should look like.

32:30 – We rail on quinoa, which is incredibly hard for humans to digest. Down with quinoa!

36:45 – Jackie explains why the term “superfood” is asinine. It is a marketing word, don’t buy the hype.

40:30 – Everyone is an individual, so no, you shouldn’t be eating the same diet as your partner or friends. Do what works for you.

43:30 – It’s OK to say no when you’re offered food. People who love you want you to be healthy and feel good. Don’t take crap from people who try to force-feed you.

48:30 – Some big advice from Jackie: Sometimes the best cleanse you can do, is a cleanse of your social circle.

49:45 – How social media can subconsciously affect your behaviours and opinions around food and nutrition.

52:00 – Jackie’s big take-away message: Tune into your body. Ask questions and be objective. This is how you achieve health.

55:00 – We wrap things up with a few minutes talking about “period shits”; how to support digestive health through your monthly menstruation.

59:00 – Jackie’s book recommendations:

– The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz

– Pandora’s Lunchbox, by Melanie Warner

– Salt, Sugar, Fat, by Michael Moss

1:00:00 – Jackie’s non-negotiable daily self-care tool: Morning meditation and stretching

1:01:30 – Jackie’s one piece of health advice

1:01:45 – Where you can find Jackie Mirkopoulos and keep up with her latest work and retreats

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More About Jackie Mirkopoulos

Jackie is an Intuitive Healing Artist with a combined 17-years of experience, both working and teaching in the health and wellness industry. After starting with a kinesiology degree, she has committed herself to life-long learning and professional excellence, striving to always find the most beneficial and effective modalities to help her clients reach their optimal health. A hands-on specialist, some of Jackie’s modalities of choice include massage therapy, Chi Nei Tsang Thai Abdominal Massage, Fascial Stretch Therapy, movement re-patterning, and breath and energy work.

Jackie most recently became a certified Culinary Nutritionist, marrying her passions for food and health into one big life-changing collective. She also studied Mindful Meditation through the University of Massachusetts’ Mindfulness Institute and incorporates mindfulness into every aspect of her daily life and teachings. Her #1 mission is to get you tuned into your own body and to apply whatever works best for you: Everyone has the ability- and right- to thrive in their own skin.

Connect with Jackie

Instagram: @intuitarian_lifestyle


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