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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 38: Movement Optimism & Pain w/Dr. Greg Lehman

Greg Lehman Pain Science Movement Optimism Move Daily Health PodcastTo move or not to move? When in pain, this is always the question. Today we welcome to the show Dr. Greg Lehman, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, and of champion of movement optimism.

Greg is a globally recognized advocate for evidence-based physiotherapy. He joins us today to dive into the importance of movement when it comes to pain, to debunk some of the common misconceptions on the topic, and to explain how cartwheels can be the cure to back pain… can being the operative word. Tune in now!

Show Notes:

0:00 – Who is Dr. Greg Lehman and why did he go to school to become both physio and chiro?

5:30 – What is the Biopsychosocial Model and how does this apply to pain?

9:00 – If someone is avoiding movement due to pain, how can we get them around the psychology that movement is part of the problem, as opposed to the (research-proven) solution?

13:00 – What does Greg’s manual practice look like today?

17:00 – Greg talks about his dissatisfaction with how chiro was taught, and how this led to the creation of his course.

19:15 – We discuss some of the common misconceptions regarding causes of pain.

23:10 – What does “normalizing pain” mean? Is it reasonable to think you should be 100% pain-free all the time?

28:40 – Greg tells us how one of his patients once resolved her pain through cartwheels.

We dig into some common myths regarding the human body and pain:

31:30 – Are backs fragile?

35:30 – Why are people so concerned with “glutes not firing”?

38:30 – Does imaging that shows damage (a bulging disc, for example) mean that you are indeed injured and should change behaviours?

40:10 – Is it bad to lift with a flexed spine?

43:50 – Do we all need to have “perfect posture”?

46:00 – Is sitting the new smoking?

47:30 – What does Greg read? Nerd books!

– The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan

– Malazan Book of the Fallen, by Steven Erikson

49:00 – Greg’s non-negotiable daily self-care tool: Sleep.

49:45 – How is Greg staying sane while self-isolating during the current COVID pandemic?

52:10 – Greg’s one piece of health advice

54:00 – Dr. Greg Lehman’s contact details

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More About Dr. Greg Lehman, BKin, MSc, DC, MScPT

Dr. Greg Lehman is a registered physiotherapist with more than 20 years experience in the rehabilitation field.  In addition to Greg’s training as a physiotherapist he has been trained as strength and conditioning specialist, chiropractor and a kinesiologist – obtaining a Master’s in Spine Biomechanics while publishing numerous peer-reviewed publications.

Greg is a globally recognized advocate for evidence based physiotherapy.  Teaching thousands of therapists in more than 25 different countries a science based approach to the best practice strategies of rehabilitation.  Greg is a sought after Keynote speaker on topics ranging from persistent pain, exercise prescription and sport related injuries at numerous world-wide conferences. His course for therapists “Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science” is a highly attended continuing education seminar given in more than 35 different countries to thousands of therapists to date.

Personally, Greg is a father of 3 girls, who drive him to be active in gymnastics, tumbling, rock climbing and running. Greg has personally dealt with persistent pain and while currently functioning well focuses on meaningful activities despite occasional flare-ups.

Connect with Dr. Greg Lehman

Twitter: @GregLehman



Website: – Coming soon!

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