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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 31: Winter Movement & Nutrition Considerations

move daily health podcastIn today’s episode- a continuation of the chat we had we Dr. Sue and Dr. Donna last week- we sit down to discuss the main movement and nutrition considerations that crop up within our client population in the winter months.

From tight shoulders and hips to carb cravings and caffeine intake, we touch base on the issues that plague people through the winter and offer self-care strategies to keep your body humming along regardless of the weather outside.


Show Notes:

1:30 – Stiff hips and low back

3:45 – The impact of winter boots on the body

5:00 – Ankle and foot care in the winter

8:00 – Cold weather = elevated breathing rate, shrugged shoulders, neck tension

11:00 – Eyes up! Leave the phone in your pocket.

13:00 – Recap of winter body care recommendations

14:00 – Dietary diversity decreases in the winter months; all hail frozen veggies!

16:00 – Bad weather = more ordering food in. Planning and food prep make a huge difference.

18:00 – How caffeine intake tends to creep up through the winter

19:30 – Craving carbs and caffeine? Fix your sleep.

22:20 – Recap of nutrition recommendations

23:00 – Freyja’s winter movement recommendation

24:10 – Dain’s winter movement & nutrition recommendations

25:30 – Freyja’s winter nutrition recommendation

28:00 – What is Freyja reading?

– Mast Cells United, by Amber Walker

– The Art of Rest, by Claudia Hammond

30:00 – What is Dain reading?

– The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollen

– Peak, by Dr. Marc Bubbs

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