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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 29: 2019 Health Roundup w/Freyja & Dain

move daily health podcastIn today’s episode, we sit down to recap the year and to discuss our 2019 health takeaways. From movement and nutrition to lifestyle and environment, we touch base on everything from foot care to air filters and how to implement these factors to boost your personal health and wellbeing.

We’d like to thank everyone for listening this year and we look forward to providing more great health content through 2020 and beyond.


2019 Movement & Exercise Takeaways:

2:20 – Reintegration of movement after injury, and the value of skills-based training

9:20 – The importance of daily foot care, and incorporating the short foot exercise


2019 Nutrition Takeaways:

12:30 – Time-restricted eating (TRE) to reduce systemic inflammation, and improve digestion and sleep quality.

17:30 – Dietary diversity for improved immunity, resiliency and overall health


2019 Lifestyle & Environment Takeaways

21:00 – Air and water filtration for improvements in sleep quality and gut health

24:00 – The impact of light exposure (more in the morning, less at night) and maintaining consistent sleep hours.


Most impactful books of 2019 (28:00):

The Polyvagal Theory, by Stephen Porges

Primate Change, by Vybarr Cregan-Reid

The Circadian Code, by Satchin Panda

Atomic Habits, by James Clear


Our non-negotiable daily self-care tools (31:00):

Freyja: Movement

Dain: Sleep hygiene


Our main pieces of health advice for 2019 (33:15):

Dain: More emphasis on schedules and routines, less emphasis on will power

Freyja: Take bodily feedback objectively as information & without fear: You are not broken.


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