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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 27: The Science of Health & Performance w/ Dr. Marc Bubbs.

Science of Health & Performance Dr. Marc BubbsToday we welcome to the show Dr. Marc Bubbs, a Naturopathic Doctor, Performance Nutrition Lead for Canada Basketball, and author of the recently released book PEAK: The new science of athletic performance that is revolutionizing sports.

Dr. Bubbs has a wealth of experience in the world of health & performance. He routinely speaks to world-leading experts in the field of human performance on his own podcast, and has recently amalgamated the latest research in his book PEAK. If you’re looking to boost your health or performance, tune in today for everything you need to know!

Show Notes:

0:00 – Who is Dr. Marc Bubbs?

3:00 – Marc speaks to the expansion of research and how we are now better at integrating various fields to optimize health and performance.

6:45 – From the general person to the elite athlete, we talk about the necessity of daily movement for not only health, but performance.

9:45 – We talk about the rise of ultra-processed foods, the missing value of whole foods, and some tips on how to flip that script

14:30 – How can communities who make pasta and drink wine ultimately have better health outcomes? We discuss the value of community and the importance of being able to cook!

20:00 – The latest on gut microbiome research: Dietary diversity, aka eating whole foods, is paramount for health, immunity and performance.

23:30 – Why fibre is great, but why fibre isn’t always great

25:45 – We discuss recovery and sleep.

– How important is 8 hours for performance?

– Are there supplements or recovery tools that can help make up for a lack of sleep?

– Can you “catch-up” on sleep?

31:30 – Is there a best way to nap?

33:50 – We talk about how the latest “fitness technology” isn’t helpful for general population or elite athletes (no matter what social media influencers try to tell you)

35:50 – Dain & Freyja give some personal anecdotes regarding fitness technology and where it doesn’t always help in a positive way.

38:30 – Dr. Bubbs discusses his latest book: Peak (“The Performance Bible” – Dain Wallis)

40:30 – Marc’s book recommendation:

– Range, by David Epstein

41:45 – Dr. Bubbs’ one non-negotiable self-care tool: Exercise, sport & movement

44:00 – Marc’s one piece of health advice

45:20 – Where you can find Dr. Marc Bubbs

More about Dr. Bubbs:

Dr. Marc Bubbs is Naturopathic Doctor, Speaker, and Performance Nutrition Lead for Canada Basketball. He is also the author of two books- The Paleo Project and the recently released PEAK: the new science of athletic performance that is revolutionizing sports.

Marc also hosts the Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast, connecting listeners with world-leading experts in human health & performance. Dr. Bubbs regularly presents at health, fitness and medical conferences across the globe and consults with professional sports teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB. He practices in both Toronto, Canada and London, England.

Connect with Dr. Bubbs:

Dr. Bubbs’ new book: PEAK

Facebook: @DrBubbs

Twitter: @DrBubbs

Instagram: @DrBubbs

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