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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 26: Epigenetics & Personalized Health with PH360

epigenetics and personalized healthToday we welcome to the show Emma Masters and Kyle Riley to discuss the topic of epigenetics and personalized health solutions.

Do you struggle to get moving in the morning? Or are you the type who can’t start the day without a workout? From anthropometrics to chronobiology, we are learning more and more about why two people can get dramatically different results from the same health plan. If you’ve tried it all but can’t seem to find the right recipe, tune in today as we discuss the latest in epigenetics and personalized health.

Show Notes:

0:00 – Who are Emma Masters and Kyle Riley?

2:00 – What are epigenetics, and how can they help us personalize health?

7:00 – How have epigenetics specifically helped Kyle and Emma with their own health?

12:00 – How gyms and corporations can use programs like PH360 to help clients and employees get the most out of their workouts and work days.

14:30 – We talk anthropometrics and the accuracy of epigenetic information. Party trick alert!

18:00 – The 6 “major” types within the PH360 system (based on embryological development)

25:30 – Can someone’s body morphology change over time?

29:00 – We discuss why the “right” diet for you now might not be the “right” diet for you next year.

31:15 – Can a system like PH360 be used in a Group Fitness setting?

33:30 – Kyle breaks down chronobiology and the importance of adhering to your own personal biorhythm.

40:00 – Emma and Kyle discuss their own personal chronotypes and how they differ.

44:30 – Are there any limitations to the technology that’s bringing epigenetics to life?

47:30 – Kyle and Emma’s book recommendations:

– The Evolutionary Glitch, by Albert Garoli

– The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield

– Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari

52:30 – Kyle and Emma’s non-negotiable self-care tools: Morning routines & time outside in nature.

55:00 – The one piece of health advice from both Emma and Kyle.

57:15 – Where you can find Emma and Kyle.

More about Kyle & Emma:

Emma Masters is a global educator with 11 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. She has worked across a multitude of senior management roles including Group Exercise Manager for Virgin Active Australia-UK and training development for Virgin Active’s boutique products, as well as implementing growth with business owners and instructors in the group fitness space.

Emma understands the importance of human connection in every facet of life, how it shapes who we are and navigates us to success. Her mission is to facilitate this awareness so that every human has the tools to achieve their highest potential in business and life itself.

Kyle Riley started in the fitness industry in 2010 with a degree in exercise science and has travelled the world speaking, educating and implementing personalized health principles with a passion to change the paradigm within the fitness industry. He has had the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading experts in the fields of epigenetics and holistic health and has played a role in helping thousands of people improve their health and quality of life in his time working as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach.

Kyle has taught hundreds of health and fitness professionals working alongside the Australian Institute of Fitness and continues to do so through the development of his own professional development course in epigenetics and personalized health with his ph360.

Connect with Kyle:


PH360 Mastery Series

Instagram: PH360HP

Connect with Emma:

Experience Age Consultancy

One Corporate Design

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