Move Daily Health Podcast 2022 Health Insights
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Move Daily Health Podcast – 2022 Health Insights with Fréyja & Dain

Move Daily Health Podcast 2022 Health Insights

Are you a victim of your own confirmation bias? Do you tend to live in extremes? Will a weight loss transformation make you happy in the New Year?

In today’s special year-end episode Fréyja and Dain sit down to discuss health insights from the past year. Tune-in to the audio here or catch the video on Youtube or Vimeo!

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Show Notes

1:30 – We dig into the concept of confirmation bias and how it shapes our mindset and outcomes.

4:20 – Do you drink enough water? Do you even need to drink water?

8:40 – The impact of the pandemic on confirmation bias and polarity

11:30 – We circle back to the topic of expertise and how to identify a true expert vs. someone who just “does their own research”

17:30 – Does drinking milk resolve low back pain?

20:30 – We discuss the topic polarity, how we’re becoming more polarized as a society, and how living in extremes becomes a detriment to health

28:00 – New Years Resolutions and giving up sugar/alcohol/carbs/etc for 30-days: Remember your why. Consider starting small for success.

32:00 – Myth-busting time: Is cardio useless unless you do it for 60 minutes straight?

36:30 – Remember mental contrasting? We talk about how to make goals realistic and easier to achieve.

39:00 – Will weight loss make you happy? Or will weight loss be more achievable if you focus on being happy?

42:45 – How to survive winter from a body-care perspective #movedaily

45:10 – We talk about the importance of practice, especially when it comes to sleep (if you identify as a “bad sleeper” please tune in here)

49:00 – Go the f*ck to sleep!… but for adults. We talk about how to train yourself to get better sleep.

55:45 – The importance of setting realistic expectations; the easiest way to avoid let-down and stay happy!

57:40 – Book recommendations:

  • The Happiness Advantage, by Shawn Achor
  • Widen the Window by Elizabeth A. Stanley
  • The Nocturnal Brain, Nightmares Neuroscience and the Secret World of Sleep, by Guy Leschziner

1:01:00 – Episode recap

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