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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 030: Winter Health Strategies w/ Dr. Donna & Dr. Sue

winter health strategiesThe doctors are back to discuss winter health strategies!

What should be your protocol if you catch a cold or the flu?

Do you know how to best handle cold winter weather?

What can you do to best fight off Seasonal Affective Disorder?

In today’s episode, we welcome the Doctors back to the podcast to discuss the things you can do to maintain your health throughout the long, cold Canadian winter.

Show Notes:

2:00 – How to tell the difference between a cold & the flu.

5:00 – How can you best manage a gastro virus. What should you/shouldn’t you eat?

9:00 – When you’re feeling under the weather, when should you actually go get checked out?

11:45 – We discuss antibiotics: When they’re necessary, when they’re not, and the seriousness of antibiotic resistance.

16:00 – Should you exercise when you’re sick? When is it ok to go back to the gym after you’ve been sick?

18:00 – Some “fun facts” about pneumonia (read: not fun)

19:20 – Are flu shots necessary? Recommended? Who should get them?

26:45 – What is Raynaud’s Disease? How can people best manage this?

32:30 – What about frostbite? When is too cold, too cold?

36:20 – We discuss Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). What is it? How can we best battle the symptoms?

40:00 – Recommendations for physical activity in the winter.

42:15 – Dietary recommendations for the winter.

46:20 – Do sleep recommendations change in the winter?

49:00 – We discuss marijuana usage: Is it a valuable supplement for sleep?

53:10 – We talk about sound/light therapy (there’s an app for that) and other helpful tips for sleep.

55:30 – Donna & Sue give book recommendations, and we discuss the value of reading fiction.

58:45 – The Doctors give their non-negotiable self-care tools for the winter.

1:00:00 – The advice from doctors about how to best take care of yourself during the winter months.

Further Listening:

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More about the Docs:

Dr. Donna and Dr. Sue are both family physicians who have been practicing in Toronto for 29 and 26 years respectively. Both GPs have a strong focus on preventative care, encouraging their patients to make lifestyle changes before falling victim to rising rates of chronic disease. Both juggle motherhood and medicine (from general practice to injury and palliative care) and, as such, know the challenges their patients face trying to be healthy within the fast pace of this modern day.

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