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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 023: Hacking Travel for Health

hacking travel for healthDo you suffer from jet lag when you travel? Do you return from vacation often feeling more run-down than when you left? In today’s podcast we discuss hacking travel for health, so that you can enjoy your time away without the negative consequences.

Fresh off a 15-hour flight from Thailand, your Move Daily Health Coaches sit down to discuss the habits and hacks they use to make travel as seamless as possible. From pre-flight prep to optimizing meal times and everything in between, these are the tools the experts use to minimize jet lag, prevent unwanted weight gain while on vacation, and to return home from travel feeling as refreshed as ever.

Show Notes:

0:00 – The two big considerations to making travel successful for your health & fitness.

3:00-17:45 – Tips for travelling to your destination

3:00 – How to optimize food and diet on flights

  • *Get your body accustomed to fasting prior to any travel!*
  • Eat before you go & avoid airport food
  • Take appropriate snacks (whole foods/1-ingredient foods)
  • Fast through flights whenever possible (unless you are bulking/trying to gain weight)
  • Regarding when to eat, consider the time zone of your destination
  • Upon arriving, make sure you’ve done your research and know where your first meal will be so that you can get the food that suits your goals
  • Bring your own water bottle!

10:30 – How to optimize physical health on flights

  • Body/neck supports: Travel pillows, Trtl pillows, Mulgore, etc.
  • Breathing techniques
  • Accumulate as much sleep as you can (when appropriate)
  • Sleep aids: Eye mask/Nite Hood, ear plugs, etc.
  • Avoid watching movies for the entire flight – pick and choose your moments for the bright screen lighting
  • Stand up and move whenever you can. Every 45-60 minutes when not sleeping.

17:45-31:15 – Tips for while you’re on your trip at your destination

17:45 – How to optimize your first day and minimize jet lag

  • Get into the sun, move your body (walk) and have caffeine
  • Research ahead of time to know where you first food option will be, and eat according to the mealtimes of the new time zone
  • Power through until 8-9pm, and do not nap!

20:00 – How to optimize food and diet while at your destination

  • If travelling for athletics:
    • Take things you absolutely need with you: Protein powder, Vitamin C packs, etc.
    • Avoid ALL new foods, leave nothing up to chance
    • When possible, rent a place with a full kitchen
    • Stick to liquids between events when possible, unless you have a sensitive gut in which case something chewable and easy-to-digest works well too
    • If you have allergies, make sure to create and take a detailed allergy card with you (in the appropriate foreign language)
  • If travelling for pleasure or work:
    • Remember your health goals and stick to the same structure and habits that you do at home
    • Don’t eat foods at conferences just because they’re free and in your face; take your own food/snacks whenever possible and stick to your plan

26:00 – How to optimize physical health while at your destination

  • Move every day! Explore your new environment!
  • Daily movement helps you sleep and restores your body
  • Daily movement keeps you honest so that you can enjoy more indulgences in the local cuisine

31:15 – Tips for travelling back home

  • Plan your sleep according to your home time zone
  • Plan your meals (and fasting window) according to your home time zone

34:40 – Mindset will always dictate your actions and results


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