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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 022: Running Healthy, with Tanner & Audrey

running healthy move dailyIf you’re a runner or thinking about getting into running shape, today’s podcast is for you as we welcome to the show avid runners and educators Audrey Peace-Gervais and Tanner Gervais.

Audrey is now training for her 8th half-marathon race and is bringing her postpartum running takes to the show. Her husband Tanner is a physiotherapist who has completed multiple Boston Marathons and Ultra-distance running events and brings his takes as a clinician. From shoes to breathing, we’ve got you running healthy in today’s episode!

Show Notes:

0:00 – Who are Audrey and Tanner and why are we excited for this roundtable on running?

6:40 – What are some of the common running injuries that Tanner sees in his clinic?

7:50 – Advice on how to start running responsibly and avoid injury.

12:45 – What did Audrey and Tanner do incorrectly when they first started running and what would they do differently now if given the chance to go back?

18:15 – We discuss proper foot striking and the best shoes for running.

22:00 – Should everyone run in a zero-drop, minimalist shoe? How can you properly transition from a regular running shoe into a more minimalist style?

24:00– Audrey discusses her experience running during and after her pregnancy.

28:40 – We discuss our love for trails to enhance the running experience

30:00 – Why running in harsh winter conditions can be a very valuable skill to have

35:00 – Tanner discusses his holistic approach to treating his patients

37:30 – We talk breathing, and why listening to headphones can limit you as a runner

41:25 – Freyja spits hot knowledge and explains the value of nasal breathing for novice runners

48:05 – Tanner & Audrey’s book recommendations:

– Finding Ultra, by Rich Roll

– The Husband’s Secret, by Liane Moriarty

49:45 – Audrey and Tanner’s daily self-care tools: Sleep, movement and… meditation?

52:40 – The two pieces of health advice from Tanner & Audrey

57:05 – Where you can find Audrey & Tanner

Additional Reading & Listening:

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More about Audrey & Tanner:

Audrey Peace-Gervais is a Health & Physical Education and French Immersion teacher and coaches students in both cross-country and track & field. She is a brand ambassador for Arbonne International and has been running for over 10 years, completing race distances of 5K to the marathon level. She first fell in love with running while attending McMaster University and is currently training for her 8th half-marathon, but first race as a mom, having given birth to baby boy Eddie last December.

Tanner Gervais is a graduate of University of Toronto’s Physiotherapy program and practices out of Agility Physiotherapy in Ottawa. Always striving to better serve his patients, he has pursued multiple levels of post-graduate studies in manual therapy, acupuncture & dry needling, as well as Functional Movement Screen certifications.

Tanner has a wealth of experience with fractures, sprains/strains, reconstructive surgeries and degenerative conditions, helping patients alleviate dysfunction, optimize well-being, and get back to sport. Recreationally Tanner is also an avid endurance athlete, notably competing in multiple Boston marathons, Ironman events, and various trail and Ultra-distance running races

For more information, please contact Tanner at his website below!

Connect with Tanner & Audrey:

Website: Agility Physiotherapy

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