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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 021: Pelvic Floor Health w/Lynda McClatchie

pelvic floor healthLow back pain? Incontinence? Ab separation? In today’s podcast we welcome Physiotherapist Lynda McClatchie to talk about pelvic floor health.

Lynda has been in practice as a physiotherapist for 24 years and is an expert in pelvic floor health. Often thought of as just a necessity for women postpartum, we now know that pelvic floor health is a huge topic for both men and women throughout all stages of life. Whether you’re looking to improve bladder control, get as strong as possible, or anything in between, this podcast is for you!

Show Notes:

0:00 – Who is Lynda McClatchie and how did see get into the world of pelvic floor therapy?

3:50 – Is pelvic floor therapy just for women postpartum? What about men?

8:20 – What other populations are at risk for pelvic floor issues? Women who stand all day, older women, etc.

9:45 – We discuss kegels: A pelvic floor exercise for women and men.

12:35 – A short anatomy lesson on the pelvic floor, aka the support system for the core

13:40 – How pelvic floor dysfunction can occur as a result of anxiety or high stress

17:30 – What should you- and should you not- put in your vagina?

20:30 – We talk more about how to cue the pelvic floor, especially for men

23:45 – The strong correlation between low back pain and pelvic floor dysfunction

26:45 – The value of integrating breath work into pelvic floor rehabilitation

28:05 – The importance of pelvic floor health for athletes and lifters

– No, it is not normal, nor a sign of strength, to pee or poop yourself during a lift.

32:10 – We discuss ab separation and if pregnant women should be doing kegels as a strengthening strategy pre-childbirth.

35:00 – Two big takeaways about the pelvic floor:

– Men should be doing kegels

– Kegels should be a part of general hygiene, not just something you’re told to do by a pelvic floor therapist

37:40 – We discuss Physiotherapy school and the rising interest in pelvic floor therapy

41:05 – Lynda outlines some good resources for kegels and pelvic floor health

42:00 – Lynda’s book recommendation

– The Girl Who Lived Twice, by David Lagercrantz

– The Vagina Bible, by Dr. Jen Gunter

44:05 – Lynda’s non-negotiable self-care tool: #movedaily

45:00 – Lynda’s one piece of health advice: Sit less move more!

45:25 – Where you can find Lynda

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More about Lynda McClatchie:

Lynda has been in practice as a physiotherapist for 24 years and opened the Elevation Physiotherapy & Wellness clinic in Mississauga Ontario in 2017. She has extensive training in musculoskeletal and pelvic health physiotherapy, and is Credentialed in the McKenzie System of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) and teaches this system at the University of Toronto. Lynda has completed several advanced training courses in pelvic health to address issues with pelvic pain, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and numerous other conditions.

For more information, please visit Lynda at her website below!

Connect with Lynda:

Website: Elevation Physiotherapy

LinkedIn: Lynda McClatchie


Facebook: @ElevationPhysiotherapy

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