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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 020: Overcoming Insomnia

overcoming insomniaIn today’s podcast we discuss Freyja’s recent blog post:  Hypermobility Type Ehlers-Danlos: Overcoming Insomnia. Please note: This information is for anyone who suffers from insomnia, not just the EDS population.

For many people- especially those living in chronic pain- restful sleep can be a bit of a unicorn. The irony of being tired to the bone but unable to achieve restful sleep is not lost on anyone who experiences insomnia. Although getting to the root of it can be challenging due to the countless variables that can influence it, in this podcast we discuss the 10 natural solutions that Freyja outlines in her article. If sleep can be a challenge for you, tune in to learn some new strategies to overcome insomnia!

Show Notes:

0:00 – Freyja’s history with sleep & the intention of this article and podcast

We then discuss the main points of the Overcoming Insomnia article:

7:45 – Get outside and seek daylight

9:30 – Move your body

11:10 – Reduce your daytime breathing rate

17:10 – Check your water and caffeine intake

21:15 – Eat dinner early; really early

25:25 – Eat well and consider magnesium

28:30 – Ditch screens and use airplane mode

32:00 – Weighted blankets, bolsters, and pillows, oh my

38:35 – Emotions and language

42:25 – Engage your senses and embrace practice

We then finish up with a few takeaway notes:

47:50 – Our sleep book recommendation:

– Why We Sleep, by Dr. Matthew Walker

48:15 – Dain’s key piece of advice to improve sleep

49:15 – Freyja’s key piece of advice to improve sleep

51:00 – A quick wrap-up from Freyja on overcoming insomnia


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