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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 010: Let’s Talk Sustainable Fitness with Franz Snideman

sustainable fitnessIs your training suitable for your goals? Are you getting what you want and what you need from your training? In today’s episode, your Move Daily Health Coaches welcome coach Franz Snideman to the show as we explore the nuts and bolts of sustainable fitness.

Franz has been in the fitness industry for over 22 years and has a wealth of knowledge to share for both trainers and trainees alike; tune in for more details!


Key topics:

0:00 – Who is Franz Snideman?

4:30 – What populations does Franz work with?

6:00 – Age is just a number- again populations are capable of amazing things!

6:50 – How to give clients both what they want, AND what they need

11:00 – We discuss the value of failure- and how to avoid personal bias in coaching

13:50 – Franz discusses minimalistic training and sustainable fitness

15:05 – How the 80-20 Rule applies to fitness and results

16:35 – Franz gives some training advice suitable for most women

17:00 – We discuss placing external loads on the body, and why you should have to earn the right to load

20:40 – Franz discusses how “Functional movement” used to be the big craze

21:40 – How strength became the most important thing ever… but is it really?

23:25 – How bodyweight movement systems are helping people become better homo sapiens

25:00 – The importance of helping people improve their movement patterns alongside any of their other goals

26:50 – The benefits of swimming- get in the pool if you can!

28:47 – We discuss Franz’s Primal Speed training

29:45 – How sprinting is at the top of the CNS food chain (sorry Oly lifters!)

32:05 – Dain gives a personal example of why it’s important to train patterns before maxing out

34:00 – Franz talks being an entrepreneur and his biggest mistakes as such

36:45 – We talk the importance of “Staying in your lane”

39:00 – The pitfalls of going too big too soon, and the value of sticking with what you love

41:40 – Key values of true professionals: Learning, experimenting, creating & sharing.

43:00 – We discuss the concept of being a genius and flow states

44:55 – What personal training shoulder be all about – the client.

45:55 – Franz’s book recommendations:

– The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people, by Stephen Covey

– 1000 True Fans, by Kevin Kelly

49:00 – Franz’s non-negotiable daily self-care tool

50:20 – The one thing you absolutely should NOT do first thing in the morning

51:40 – Franz’s one piece of health advice: Just take one step.

52:55 – Where you can find Franz

More about Franz Snideman:

Franz Snideman, a former collegiate sprinter and power and speed aficionado, is the Owner of Revolution Fitness, Co-creator and Owner of Primal Speed, seasoned veteran of Hardstyle Kettlebell training and Ground Based Development Movements.

By night, he dreams of being a Superhero come Sprinting Ninja, saving the world and spreading his enthusiasm for all things sprinting, speed and power. By day, under the guise of a buff-come-fitness-nerd trainer and coach, he energetically and intricately blends his knowledge and love for athleticism and functional movement, delivering it to his beloved and long-term personal training and group clients.

When back on planet earth, he has authored and edited several books, as well as produced a series of training DVD’s. Drawing on his life experience, passion in healthy living, athleticism, knowledge and appreciation of human development and anatomy he co-developed the dynamic Primal Speed System, taught nationally and internationally.

Franz believes in the fundamental importance of educating and coaching his clients in safe, healthy and holistic athleticism. Coupled with impeccable attention to detail, bio-mechanical understanding and skill in accommodating and adapting training regimes to support and enhance individual’s unique abilities and needs, he is personal coach to clients and professional athletes. He lectures internationally, driven to share his knowledge and skill, theoretically and practically.

In addition, Franz has studied Neuro-Muscular Therapy and Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology. He is a lifetime student of nutrition, diligently working on his thesis examining “The Extensive Health Benefits of Donuts.”

Read more about Primal Speed here.

Connect with Franz:

Facebook: @FSnideman

Instagram: @FranzSnideman

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