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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 009: Let’s Talk Treatment & Lifestyle, with Jenny Thomson

jenny thomson

Does your Chiropractor give you “Active Care” homework? Do you *really* know where your hips are and how to use them? Are your daily activities the true cause of your low back problems?

In today’s episode, your Move Daily Health Coaches welcome Chiropractor and fitness enthusiast Jenny Thomson, to explore where treatment and lifestyle considerations collide.


Key topics:

0:00 – Who is Jenny Thomson?

2:30 – We discuss some of the common barriers that women face when it comes to fitness

3:30 – How Jenny discovered the value of weightlifting (Crossfit strikes again)

4:45 – The value of community

5:50 – How Jenny makes her Chiropractic clients feel safe

7:50 – Why having an “Active care” plan is more impactful than treatment itself

8:45 – The common clinical differences between patients in Toronto and rural Manitoba

9:30 – We talk about hips and how to use them when bending over to pick things up

12:10 – Differences in back pathologies between farmers and desk workers.

13:35 – Big difference between the “fitness industry” in Toronto vs. rural living (body care!)

16:50 – Motion is lotion: How daily movement can resolve hip arthritis and low back problems without meds

20:00 – Pace of life and stress differences between rural and urban settings

21:00 – The high incidence of depression and fibromyalgia in rural communities

22:45 – How different gym environments shape the idea of fitness across Canada

25:25 – The pros and cons of fitness apps follow by the value of small-group training

29:00 – We discuss how the scope of practice can differ wildly from one Chiropractor to another….which is also true for all industries.

30:35 – We discuss different chiropractic techniques and the use of drop tables

33:00 – Freyja discusses a bad experience with a drop table treatment, and explains what can happen when you receive treatment with excessive force

36:30- Treatment during competition pros & cons

43:45 – We explain what the “disc herniator machine” is.

44:30 – Jenny’s book recommendation
– Advances in Functional Training by Michael Boyle
– Anything by Stu McGill

46:45 – Jenny’s non-negotiable self-care tool: Spending quiet time alone

47:35 – Jenny’s one piece of advice for your health and well-being

48:50 – Where you can find Jenny

More about Jenny Thomson:

Jenny was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, participating in a number of athletic pursuits from childhood through university. She completed her undergraduate education at Queen’s University, graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and a Bachelor of Life Sciences, and was placed on the Dean’s List with Distinction. She later pursued an Ontario Graduate Certificate in Addictions and Mental Health at Durham College, followed by a Master’s Degree in Fitness Science at York University.

Jenny was later recruited by Nike North America as one of Canada’s first three sponsored trainers; she retained her sponsorship contract for 5 years while completing her Chiropractic education and running her own small business. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College as a member of the class of 2018, and is currently completing a Sport Sciences residency through the Royal College of Chiropractic Sport Sciences and practicing in Swan River, Manitoba.

As a lifelong athlete and student, Jenny recognizes the value of active care, movement and rehabilitation as vital components of a chiropractic treatment program. She uses a combination of instrument-assisted therapy, hands-on care and rehabilitative exercise to empower her patients to heal from injury and pain as well as to reach their wellness potential.

Connect with Jenny:

Instagram: @JennyT_DC

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