Pain 101

Pain is something we’ve all experienced at some stage in life so it stands to reason that most of us assume we know what it is (a noxious stimulus) and what causes it (bodily harm and tissue damage). But that isn’t the complete picture. In the last decade we have come to understand pain’s nuances in a different light and studies are nowhere near from over. The following article is an introduction to the influencing factors in pain sensation within acute stages (<6 months).… Read More

5 Exercises for Pain-Free Golf

Bulletproof your body and your golf game I have been training with Roshan for several years. I am a 44 year old professional with a demanding high stress job. Roshan has designed a regime tailored to improve my lifestyle (i.e. … Read More

Pro Athlete to Health Coach

Rosh’s Path from Acrobatics to Fitness Rosh has been my trainer for over five years and it’s no exaggeration to say that my overall health is exponentially better for our sessions together. An excellent teacher and a natural motivator, Rosh … Read More

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