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Mode Daily Health Podcast S3E2: How Do You Define Aging, Longevity & Health Span?

This episode takes a look at the conflicting message around aging as a natural process versus aging as a disease. We dive into the beliefs that drive behaviour based on the interpretation of aging and the anti-aging industry. Tune in to learn what you can do to self-assess quality of life longevity factors, and how to avoid the fear-driven messaging around the anti-aging supplement industry.

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

0:48 Defining Aging vs Anti-Aging

4:00 The history of anti-aging

10:00 The billion dollar industry of anti-aging

18:00 The fear that drives sales

20:00 How our choices and perspectives on aging influence outcomes

27:45 Embracing potential while processing change in capacity or function

30:00 What we know promotes successful biological aging

35:00 Self-assessing factors correlated to quality of life and longevity

37:17 Walking Speed and aging: 6 Minute Walk test Calculator

41:40 Grip Strength and aging

44:55 Ground to standing, balance, mobility and aging

48:00 Sit to Stand or 5X Sit to Stand Test and aging: CDC’s 30 second chair test instructions and norms.

53:00 – Episode recap

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