Movement classes are either series or stand alone 60-120 minute events designed to explore specific themes such as mobility, strength, recovery, movement therapy, hypermobility, or Animal Flow. They are either hosted online or in person.

Please see below for all upcoming events!

Animal Flow Drop-In Movement Classes

The weekly Friday “Intermediate” class is ideal for those with previous Animal Flow experience or those who would like to refine their basics further. A sound understanding of the AF names and language is required to attend this class.

Animal Flow Series Movement Classes

The weekly class series run for a month at a time and include either beginner or intermediate levels. Beginner classes run every Monday and Intermediate classes run every Wednesday and Friday.

Movement Therapy for Hypermobility

Our movement therapy classes for hypermobile bodies focus on isolated to integrated patterns to improve management of joints as well as whole body function. Progressive techniques are geared to helping reduce the felt sense of chronic tension while also increasing a felt sense of stability.

Mobility for Strength

The mobility for strength movement classes are geared towards joint care to warm up and/or recover from your other movement practices. These classes cover a combination of movement tools and the techniques used are appropriate for all fitness levels.