Move Daily works alongside education companies to deliver courses to health and fitness professionals.

This 4.5 hour course is written and delivered by Fréyja Spence and hosted by FitPro UK.

It is valid for 2 continuing education credits for CIMSPA.

Course Aims and Objectives:
  • The principles behind hypermobile systems, the spectrum on which hypermobility can present and the main types
  • Assessments to conduct for clients with hypermobility
  • The multi-systemic effects of syndromic hypermobility (HSD/hEDS) inclusive of chronic pain, fatigue, deconditioning, risk of dislocations/subluxations, and more
  • Red flags that trainers/coaches should watch for to reduce the risk of injury
  • The principles of exercise management for people with hypermobility
  • Program guidelines for exercise prescriptions.