Move Daily webinars are 75-90 minute sessions delivered on Zoom and are an opportunity to learn more about specific health, exercise, and nutrition topics. Webinars will cater to either fitness professionals or to all people and who take a vested interest in health related topics. Attendees can interact with the coaches in real time within the Q&A session.

Movement Coaching

Movement Classes

Movement classes are either series or stand alone 60-120 minute events designed to learn movement tools explore specific themes such as mobility, strength, recovery, movement therapy, hypermobility, or Animal Flow. They are either hosted online or in person.

Mentoring Programs

Move Daily doesn’t believe that there are any Gurus or knowledge keepers in the health and fitness industry. Rather, we all learn and help our clients best when we collaborate and engage with one another. Mentoring programs are designed to meet the needs of an individual coach or trainer’s professional development. As such, they provide an opportunity to work one-on-one with either Fr√©yja or Dain over a 16-week period.

Courses and Certifications

Courses and Certifications are delivered asynchronously, live, or online. They are hosted through companies Move Daily is working alongside to deliver continuing education to health and fitness professionals.