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The Value of Health Coaching

Does your health or performance need a boost?

Personalized Health Coaching could be the answer for you.

health coach

The landscape of health care is ever-changing. Doctors have forever been leaders of the health industry, but as rates of chronic disease have skyrocketed over the past few decades, medical professionals now spend most of the time treating illnesses that are already in place.

As a society, we have lost touch with the habits that keep us healthy and free from illness. In response, a new profession is leading the presentative health care movement: Health Coaching.

What is a Health Coach?

As you might deduce, a Personal Health Coach is a professional who considers all aspects of an individual's lifestyle to help them achieve their health and performance goals. Where doctors are now unfortunately neck-deep in treating patients with existing pathologies and have the heavy task of reducing greatest life-risk factors, Health Coaches are on the forefront of preventative health care. These are professionals who help clients resolve pain and discomfort, prescribe exercise & nutrition protocols to lower blood pressure and improve blood markers, and maximize overall health and performance.

Health Coaching encapsulates a variety of services including but not limited to:

  • Movement coaching: Personal training or online coaching to fine-tune movement strategies and teach skills appropriate to the individual, creating life-strength and resilience to meet daily or performance demands with ease.
  • Programming: Monthly training prescriptions and guidelines individualized per client to include all aspects of their movement from daily self-care to conditioning, gym training, and recovery.
  • Nutrition coaching: Dietary recommendations and habit-building based on individual needs and lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle coaching: Recommendations on sleep, stress-management, breath work, self-care, hydration, recovery strategies, travel, and more.


health coach

Where a Health Coach truly sets themselves apart from other health care professionals however, is the consistent day-to-day support and communication. Where you might see a medical professional every few months, or a personal trainer once or twice a week, a Health Coach maintains open lines of communication to ensure adequate feedback and adjustments are made as necessary.

Move Daily Health Coaching starts with a one-on-one assessment & consultation to get all clients started on their greatest opportunities. Whether you’re trying to manage an injury or health condition, resolve digestive discomfort and manage body weight, or increase performance and health across the board, a Move Daily Health Coach will create an individualized plan and support you day-to-day through the process.

All tailored plans are created based on the individual at hand but a Health Coach also understands that life happens and things change. Open communication with clients ensures that on-the-fly adjustments can be made to training programs, daily movement, nutrition, or recovery plans so that no client is ever left feeling unsupported or without direction.

Building a Team

Move Daily Health Coaches are proud to work with doctors and other treatment specialists to ensure that all clients receive the care necessary to reach their goals. Just as we communicate openly with clients, we believe that the same communication is required between all members of a client's health care team. This serves to ensure that support is consistent and that all aspects of a client's needs are being met.

In Summary

Health Coaching will provide you with the following:

  • A thorough assessment and plan tailored to your specific needs
  • Coaching where you need it, whether that be through movement, nutrition, lifestyle or any combination of the three
  • Ongoing support and communication as you build new habits and work towards your goal
  • Communication with other members of your health care team to ensure consistent care and support
  • A human who truly cares about your health and quality of life & whose primary concern is to teach and empower You with the tools to succeed every day.

If you have any additional questions about health coaching, please read the Move Daily FAQs.

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