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Move Daily Health Podcast s2e01: Health Coaching with Move Daily

Welcome to Season 2 of the Move Daily Podcast where we will be discussing all things “How To”!

This episode breaks down:

What is Health Coaching

Why Move Daily

How we got to here!

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Show Notes

1:30 – Who is Freyja Spence?

5:45 – Freyja explains EDS and how it has helped shape our coaching approach at Move Daily.

9:00 – Who is Dain Wallis?

12:45 – How Move Daily came to be

20:00 – Who is Roshan Chopra?

21:15 – What is Health Coaching?

28:15 – Why Move Daily?

40:00 – Dain speaks to the importance of nutrition regarding health

45:00 – Your Health Homework!

50:15 – Book recommendation: The Joy of Movement, by Kelly McGonigal

52:00 – Episode recap & takeaways

Recommended Reading & Listening

Research article: Daily Step Count and Postprandial Fat

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