Frequently Asked Questions

Move Daily Health Coaching is for people of all ages and walks of life: from aspiring to professional athletes and from young to senior alike, all seeking a higher quality of life. You’re an excellent candidate for Move Daily Coaching if you fall under any of the following criteria:

  • You want your body to be as healthy as possible, and living pain-free is a true priority
  • You’ve been dealing with an injury or nagging pain and cannot find a solution
  • You are preparing for a surgery or recovering from one and have been cleared for activity
  • You’re looking to take your performance to the next level
  • You are ready and willing to dedicate time to taking care of you
  • You have hEDS or HSD and are seeking self-led management strategies to improve quality of life and function

Our passion is to help people live confidently within their own bodies, so if you need a hand finding this freedom, we are here for you.

A Health Coach is a professional who considers all aspects of an individual’s lifestyle to help them achieve their health and performance goals. Move Daily Health Coaches provide a variety of services to help care for all aspects of health including:

  • Movement coaching (includes personal training): In-person or online coaching to fine-tune movement strategies and teach skills appropriate to the individual on daily management, exercise, and recovery tools alike.
  • Programming: Monthly training prescriptions and guidelines individualized per client to include all aspects of their movement from daily self-care to conditioning, gym training, and recovery.
  • Nutrition coaching: Dietary recommendations and habit-building based on individual needs and lifestyle
  • Lifestyle advice: Recommendations on sleep, stress-management, breath work, self-care, hydration, recovery strategies, travel, and more.
  • Ongoing plan adjustments and feedback: This is where Move Daily truly sets itself apart. We assess our clients and create tailored plans for each individual, but we also understand that life happens and things change. As such, we are always in communication with our clients and adjusting on the fly as necessary.

Health Coaching starts with a one-on-one consultation complete with the requisite assessments to get all clients started on their greatest opportunities. Whether you’re trying to manage an injury or health condition, increase performance, resolve digestive discomfort or simply improve your health across the board, a Move Daily Health Coach will create an individualized plan for you and support you day-to-day through the process.

hEDS (Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos) is an inherited connective tissue disorder, caused by defects in collagen formation, resulting in hyperextensible skin, tissues, and joints. While being the least severe type of EDS, it is mutilsystemic in nature and the impact is not limited strictly to joint hypermobility and musculoskeletal problems.

Move Daily is striving to bring greater attention to managing hypermobility as seen in both hEDS or Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (HSD). Chronic pain, acute injuries, anxiety, depression, digestive upset, high stress, kinesiophobia, and loss of quality of life are among the few things that can impact someone with hEDS or HSD. Treatment and management are generally focused on preventing severe complications, managing pain, and retaining or improving quality of life.

Nothing contained within this site replaces medical advice: we are sharing personal experiences & strategies in working with hypermobile populations and encouraging discussion to bring further awareness to hEDS and HSD.

Freyja’s coaching and consults within this population places great emphasis on self-management: Managing flares, identifying cyclical patterns, managing stress, pain management, improving proprioception to stabilize joints and accessible daily strategies to improve longterm outcomes.

Move Daily services clients from across the globe, and as such, much of our coaching is done remotely including support for local clients who cannot get in to see us in person frequently. How do we coach so effectively from a distance?

  • We send and request a lot of video! From assessments and coaching cues, to mobility homework and training videos, we communicate often via video to further your skill development. Further to that, we request clients to provide us with as much movement footage as possible to help ensure movement is sound and the program is still reflective of your capacity.
  • We connect with clients on a regular basis via phone or video-chat to follow-up on workouts and recovery, and to provide online coaching for lifestyle and nutrition factors.
  • We believe that communication is incredibly important to the coaching process, and remain in close contact with our clients on a day-to-day basis via text and email.

Move Daily Health Coaches lead by example in prioritizing self-care and counterbalance: With remote online Health Coaching, you get a coach who is readily available to give you feedback and accountability to reach your goals.

Move Daily Health Coaches work with people of all ages. We have worked with teenagers, seniors, and everyone in between. If your goal is to improve your health, performance, or quality of living, our coaching is right for you.

Move Daily Health Coaches have been in the health and fitness industry for over 40 years collectively. This combined wealth of experience extends from working in a variety of environments from Sports Clinics, Education, Private Studios, independent training with industry experts, and is what truly sets Move Daily apart. Move Daily Health Coaches also hold a variety of cross-industry certifications (list is not exhaustive):

  • HBsc in Physical Education & Human Kinetics
  • CSCS
  • CPTS (Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist)
  • CPR & AED Certified
  • Animal Flow Master Instructors
  • Certified Running Specialist
  • Barefoot Training Specialists
  • Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)
  • Strong First Level 1
  • PN Level 1 Nutrition Coaching
  • PN Level 2 Master Nutrition Coaching
  • ISI Functional Nutrition
  • DNS Exercise I
  • Former DTS Kettlebell Fundamental & Advanced Instructors
  • DTS Level 1 Instructor
  • Low Back Fundamentals
  • Healing Touch Level 1

If you would like to speak to past or current clients and employers to get personal feedback on their experiences, we are always happy to connect you!

Assessments are $135 and are where we start with each client. Based on the initial assessment, all further coaching frequency, programming, or calls are tailored to each individual client’s needs to create the structure for personal success.

No- many of our clients do not belong to gyms. Our programming is built in accordance with your goals, needs, and lifestyle: if this doesn’t include having access to (or wanting) a gym, that’s ok!

For clients seeing us in person at Fortis Fitness, they do not need to have a membership to the gym while in session with any one of us.

Yes! Move Daily coaches strive to create programs that take into consideration all your lifestyle factors, hobbies, sports, etc.

With all factors accounted for, we can adjust your plan to suit your needs and can better provide feedback on volume, recovery, etc to ensure you’re not overtraining or at risk of injury.

In short, no!

Acquiring new skills and habits take time and practice. Although we do not have a requisite number of months in order to sign up for coaching, we do recommend considering a 3-month commitment to new practices. Whether you’re seeing us in person or working with us remotely, the plan will be tailored to fit your needs and you’re not obliged to stick with it beyond your initial month if you don’t feel the fit is right for you.

Our recommendation is to meet with us for an assessment and together we can determine from there what the best approach will be for you.

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