Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. – Helen Keller

At Move Daily, our purpose is to teach and empower others to be their own advocates in all areas of health. For this reason, we work with other like-minded and dedicated health & fitness professionals to ensure clients get the appropriate support and success in achieving their end goals.

I have known Freyja and Dain for a number of years through Toronto rehab & health care networks. They are highly skilled, knowledgable professionals in their fields and have that extra, rare quality of truly living and loving what they do. They embody it. Therefore their results are outstanding and my patients have improved their health and function considerably. Trust is key in clinical and rehab relationships, I could only ever refer a patient to the best, and these guys are the best in no uncertain terms. I can recommend them without reservation, should you follow their advice and put the work in, you will be at the very least much better, at the very most, transformed.
Richard Metliss, Doctor of Osteopathy

Fortis Fitness

Fortis Fitness was established with a mission to provide members with the best possible information, instruction and equipment in order to reach their physical goals. The unique Fortis concept was designed for beginners but accommodates the most advanced lifters and movers.

Move Daily operates out of Fortis Fitness in Toronto where the community is supportive and inclusive of all.

Intuitarian Lifestyle

The Intuitarian Lifestyle is a combination of Holistic Wellness coaching and retreat experiences that bridges science and spirituality for optimal health. We help people suffering from chronic pain learn how to self-assess, self-regulate and achieve healing through truly wholistic practices.

Move Daily and The Intuitarian Lifestyle come together through their complementary scopes of practice and shared desire to help others navigate their health. You can find both often joining forces to deliver podcasts, blogs, education material, and live events.

Join them at the Free Wholistic Health Summit May 10-16th encompassing the 6 pillars of health, hosted by The Intuitarian Lifestyle!

Bayview Natural Health Clinic

Bayview Natural Health Clinic is a tight-knit group of dedicated, determined, patient-focused practitioners: We work with you collaboratively to improve your health by investing the time to understand your concerns. Together, we evaluate treatment options and develop a plan tailored to your needs. Improving your health isn’t something we do to you at BNHC. It’s what we work on with you.

Move Daily and Bayview Natural Health strongly believe in finding the root “Why” behind all health concerns: When such concerns fall outside of scope of Movement & Nutrition, the practitioners at BNHC are an incredible team that can look further.

Origin Wellness

Origin Wellness aims to provide comprehensive, individualized, high quality care to patients suffering from chronic health concerns while addressing the hidden root issues responsible for symptoms. Owner, Dr. Walker, strives to empower patients with long-lasting tools for success and compassionate, customized care for holistic healing. Their telemedicine platform allows those unable to travel to get the help they require.

Move Daily and Origin Wellness strongly believe in thinking outside the box when it comes to healing from chronic illness including Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Mold toxicity, and more.

Please note: There are no financial ties and/or benefits between the companies listed above. Move Daily strives to help patients & clients get to the right resources and practitioners they need without conflict of interest.