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Why Weight Loss Won’t Make You Happy

Does a focus on weight loss enhance well-being? Or does it distance us from what matters most? As we’ve discussed in previous articles, the weight loss industry is massive. While there are benefits to be derived from weight loss in certain circumstances, it has been upsold to us as a panacea for improved health and…

Move Daily Health Podcast 2022 Health Insights

Move Daily Health Podcast – 2022 Health Insights with Fréyja & Dain

Are you a victim of your own confirmation bias? Do you tend to live in extremes? Will a weight loss transformation make you happy in the New Year? In today’s special year-end episode Fréyja and Dain sit down to discuss health insights from the past year. Tune-in to the audio here or catch the video…

Managing hEDS & HSD Flares

Managing hEDS & HSD Flares

The symptoms that beget a flare are not the same across individuals because each person with hEDS or HSD is unique. Flare patterns can be broken or changed no matter how entrenched they may seem within your system. Building the confidence to navigate flares and improve your baseline health will carry over into how well you can get through a flare, how often they occur, and how quickly you can recover from one.