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hEDS (Ehlers Danlos)

EDS is a group of disorders that affect connective tissues supporting the skin, bones, organs and tissues, resulting in varying degrees of health issues including extreme joint hypermobility & chronic pain. Pain management is complex although sound movement can play a key role.


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Meet Your Health Coaches

Freyja Spence

Movement Specialist

Freyja has been a Health Coach in Canada since 2006, after attending the University of Guelph for an HBSc in Human Kinetics. She works with a wide variety of clients including Olympic athletes, professional Ballet dancers, and primarily those seeking health and pain-free movement.

Additionally, Freyja has been involved in education for coaches, is Canada’s first Animal Flow Master Instructor, and has presented at various national and international fitness conferences.

Dain Wallis

Nutrition Coach

Dain, an avid strength athlete and Health Coach, attended Queen’s University for his degrees in Physical & Health Education and Health Studies. Since then, Dain completed his CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) as well as both Precision Nutrition Certifications, thereby launching his career in coaching. He has continued education in the field of nutrition, has been involved in teaching, and recently completed his Nutritional Medicine Profiler through ICANS.

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Dain works with a wide variety of clients seeking to improve overall health and performance, and delivers seminars on Nutrition, Habits, and Strongman Training in privately-owned gyms.

"Dain and Freyja have had a very significant impact on my wellness journey while I navigate complex health challenges. Their positive and balanced approach to life’s demands, coupled with an immense knowledge in their respective fields, is something that is rare to find within the fitness and wellness industry. They both share a desire to learn as well as the ability to think outside the box to ensure that clients get the help they need."
 - Karen Moore, Coaching Client

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